Dialog Journals and Writing Good Dialog

Start a dialog journal, fix up your dialog, write better characters, and basically rule the world.
Richard Thomas

Storyville: 10 Tips and Exercises for Generating New Story Ideas

Having a hard time coming up with new story ideas? We're here to help.
Roy Christopher

The Edible Complex: Food-based tips for research and editing

Eating and writing sometimes feel inextricably linked. Here are three food-based tips for research and editing.
Richard Thomas

Storyville: How Various Media Can Change You as a Writer

Influence can come from any medium, not just the one you are working in.
Stephanie M. Wytovich, MFA

Nonfiction Reads to Strengthen Your Relationship with the Witch

Nonfiction reading recommendations for witches, witchy writers, or writers writing about witches.
Richard Thomas

Storyville: The Books You Should Read Every Year

Some suggestions on the books writers should read every year.
Richard Thomas

Storyville: How to Ask For, and Give, Book Blurbs

Tips and tricks for navigating the world of book blurbs.
Richard Thomas

Storyville: What Do You Have the Authority to Write?

Experience vs. research: What stories are yours to tell?
Cina Pelayo

The Importance of the Character Interview

The more that you know about your characters, the more confidently you can write about them.
Joshua Isard

Curious not Confused

Finding the right amount of information to include in a story can be a difficult task for any writer.
Gabriel Hart

What I Learned From Writing "A Return to Spring"

Think about all the stories that fall under radar, which sculpted your town into the place it is today.

Science Versus Faith in Fiction

Is science an overused tool in writing? What do you stand to gain by adding faith to your fiction?
Douglas Kennedy

On Using Personal History As Fiction

The international best-selling author and MasterClass teacher discusses the basis of all fiction.
Richard Thomas

Storyville: Tips, Tricks, and Thoughts on Reprints

Why should you get your stories reprinted? It can help your career!
Richard Thomas

Storyville: Surviving Rejection

Tips, stories, and advice on how to survive rejection.
Richard Thomas

Storyville: Turning Your Obsessions Into Fiction

Some tips for turning your obsessions—good and bad—into powerful stories.
Gabino Iglesias

Writing Tips From the Don Winslow Universe

Certain writers demand to be read, and doing so is a class to all who do. Don Winslow is one of them.
Richard Thomas

Storyville: Ending 2019 with a Bang

Some tips for how to end 2019 and set up 2020 for writing success.
Richard Thomas

Storyville: Using Your Family to Tell Dark Stories

Some tips on using the people around you to provide depth, meaning, emotion, and authority in your stories.
Richard Thomas

Storyville: Using Rituals to Make Your Stories More Believable

Some tips on how to use ritual, ceremony, and witchcraft to make your story more believable.
Gabino Iglesias

8 Writing and Researching Tools You Might be Ignoring

When it comes to writing and research, some really useful tools are hiding in plain sight. Here's a list of my favorites.
Fred Venturini

Reality in Fiction: The Invisible Signature of Your Favorite Authors

The role of real events in fictional stories is an unavoidable aspect of an author's signature voice—and even the authors themselves don't know where the line between the two is drawn.
Richard Thomas

Storyville: Letting Film Unblock, Inspire, and Add Depth to Your Fiction

Tips on how film can help unblock, inspire, and add depth to your fiction.