The Ladies of Horror BookTube

Column by Sadie Hartmann, July 10, 2020
The horror fiction industry sees its fair share of dudes sitting around talking about scary books. But what do the ladies think? Here are my favorite voices from the Horror BookTube sisterhood.

Black Authors You Should Read

Column by Gabino Iglesias
July 9, 2020
Need a starter kit? I got you.

Tricking People Into Diverse Reading

Column by Peter Derk
July 8, 2020
Bait, wait, and snap the trap closed. Easier than it sounds, but you've got this.

Excited About "Lovecraft Country"? Read Victor LaValle's "The Ballad Of Black Tom" First

Column by Christopher Shultz
July 7, 2020
Released on the exact same day, Matt Ruff's 'Lovecraft Country' and Victor LaValle's 'The Ballad Of Black Tom' share some DNA, with one major difference.
Interview: Blake Butler on "Alice Knott" and Creating Challenging Art

Blake Butler on "Alice Knott" and the Creation of Challenging Art

Interview by Joshua Chaplinsky
July 6, 2020
Blake Butler discusses his mind-bending new novel and the process that led to its creation.

Stephen King's Nine Worst Books and Why I Still Love Them

Column by Jay Wilburn
July 3, 2020
Even Stephen King's most loyal readers have their least favorite books. These nine are the ones Jay Wilburn puts at the bottom of his list, but he still loves many things about them.

Beach Reads for Indoor Types

Column by Peter Derk
July 2, 2020
Let's get the beach read off the beach and into your hands.

A Demigod’s Guide to Defining the New Normal

Column by Amanda Bender
July 1, 2020
Rick Riordan's announcement that Percy Jackson will be getting his own Disney+ series comes at moment when we are struggling to leave the old world behind and fight for a better one.

Storyville: Surviving Rejection

Column by Richard Thomas
June 29, 2020
Tips, stories, and advice on how to survive rejection.

What Neil Breen's 5-Hour Retrospective Taught Me About Making Art

Column by Peter Derk
June 26, 2020
Yes, that Neil Breen. Yes, he had useful things to say.

Be Free on George Orwell’s Birthday

June 25, 2020
Reference "1984" all you want, but do you really understand the stories of George Orwell? Or the writer himself?