Curating Horror: An Interview with Ellen Datlow

Curating Horror: An Interview with Ellen Datlow

Interview by Sadie Hartmann, September 21, 2021
What can we expect from the desk of the most knowledgeable editor in horror for this year's spooky season?
Chuck Palahniuk Launches "Plot Spoiler" Substack

Chuck Palahniuk Launches "Plot Spoiler" Substack

September 20, 2021
The exclusive newsletter will include fiction you can't unread, writing lessons, and lurid backstory. Everything you've come to expect from Chuck, on a weekly basis.

Storyville: Critical Analysis—An Essential Part of Your Process

Column by Richard Thomas
September 17, 2021
How to apply critical analysis to your own writing.

Leaving a Legacy of Equality and Hope

Column by Ben Tanzer
September 16, 2021
Five debut authors discuss trauma, sexuality, social justice and finding one’s voice. Featuring: Emory Easton, Trish McDonald, Dawn Hogan, Maria Price, and Grace Agnew.

Authors Invade TikTok

Column by Jay Wilburn
September 15, 2021
Authors are always trying out new ways to promote their work. Is TikTok the platform they're looking for?

Library Lightning Round

Column by Peter Derk
September 14, 2021
Bed bugs, books 50 years overdue, and why saying you love books won't get you a library job.

A Brief Stroll Down the Corridors of Dark Academia and Its Romantic Roots

Column by Leah Dearborn
September 13, 2021
It’s easy to view these aesthetics as trends of small consequence, but it’s more interesting to watch their evolution against the scope of other romantic movements.

DYI Horror: 10 Haunted Fixer-Uppers

Column by Sadie Hartmann
September 10, 2021
Not so much a list of haunted house horror, but a list of books featuring a very specific trope within a trope.

10 Years of LitReactor News: A Followup

Column by Peter Derk
September 9, 2021
We follow up on 10 years of LitReactor news stories. From "The Familiar" to topless readers to Chuck Tingle.
Rob Fromberg

Rob Fromberg On His Memoir "How To Walk With Steve"

Interview by Gabriel Hart
September 8, 2021
Gabriel Hart speaks to author Rob Fromberg about his new memoir, "How to Walk With Steve," a unique proto-punk glimpse into life with an autistic sibling amidst matriarchal alcoholism.

Film vs. Film: "Suicide Squad" vs. "The Suicide Squad"

Column by BH Shepherd
September 7, 2021
A critical comparison of the two live-action Suicide Squad movies. Which is the Superior Squad?