An experiment in self-publishing. What works, what doesn't, all in real time.

Adventures in Self-Publishing Part 6: Fare Thee Well

Column by Rob Hart January 23, 2013
This is my last column on self-publishing. Let's wrap it up, look back, have a good laugh, and stick a pin in this.

Adventures in Self-Publishing Part 5: The Virtue of Patience, And Also Money

Column by Rob Hart December 27, 2012
I stop worrying about the immediate payoff and learn to love the long game.

Adventures in Self-Publishing Part 4: I Did A Whole Bunch of Stuff!

Column by Rob Hart November 19, 2012
Last month, I hadn't really done anything to promote my novella. So this month, I worked a lot harder at it. And it helped. A little. I think?

Adventures In Self-Publishing Part 3: So, Can We Talk About Some Stuff?

Column by Rob Hart October 16, 2012
Empirical evidence: If you don't put much effort into selling your self-published work, you will not sell any copies!

Adventures In Self-Publishing Part 2: From Art To Commerce

Column by Rob Hart September 20, 2012
My novella is now available for sale. It's like being done with something I have to keep working on. Also, let's talk marketing, and see my latest sales tallies.

Adventures In Self-Publishing Part 1: Why I'm Doing It, And Also Zombies

Column by Rob Hart August 10, 2012
As an experiment in self-publishing, I'm putting out a zombie novella I wrote. Follow me as I bring it from rough draft to finished product, then watch as I try to get people to buy it!