In Book Brawl, two books that are somehow related will get in the ring and fight it out for the coveted honor of being declared literary champion. Two books enter. One book leaves.

Book Brawl: House of Leaves vs. Night Film

Column by Cath Murphy November 22, 2013
Marisha Pessl's horror novel "Night Film" has sparked comparisons to Mark Danielewski's "House of Leaves," mostly unfavorable. But is the comparison even justified?

Book Brawl! Family Feud: Helter Skelter vs. The Family

Column by Ed Sikov
A comparison between two chronicles of Charles Manson and the Family, the killers of Sharon Tate and many others.

Book Brawl: Lexicon vs. Snow Crash

Column by Cath Murphy
"Snow Crash" is one of the best books ever. New kid on the block, "Lexicon," covers much of the same territory. But can it rival Neal Stephenson's 1992 smash?

Book Brawl: A Christmas Carol vs. How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Column by Meredith Borders December 21, 2012
The two standard tales of Yuletide duke it out in a display of brute strength and glad tidings.

Book Brawl: YA Covers vs. Adult Covers

Column by Sarah Pitre August 9, 2012
Who says you can't judge a book by its cover? Not only will we judge them... we'll put them in the cage in our latest edition of Book Brawl! May the best cover win.

Book Brawl: Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone Vs. The Magicians

Column by Meredith Borders April 18, 2012
The first novel in Lev Grossman's wizard school trilogy is a thematic successor to the Rowling juggernaut. But can it hold its own in the Book Brawl ring? It's up to you, LitReactor readers!

Book Brawl: Sense And Sensibility vs. Pride And Prejudice

Column by Meredith Borders March 16, 2012
Every month I throw two books, somehow related, into the Book Brawl ring to fight it out for the title of literary champion. Today: Jane Austen's 2 best loved comedies of manners get impolite.

Book Brawl: The Strain vs. The Passage

Column by Meredith Borders February 21, 2012
Duking it out in the ring this month, we have the first novels in concurrent vampire trilogies: THE PASSAGE by Justin Cronin and THE STRAIN by Guillermo del Toro.

Book Brawl: To Kill A Mockingbird vs. In Cold Blood

Column by Meredith Borders January 13, 2012
Today we pit childhood friends against each other in a Book Brawl between Truman Capote and Harper Lee!

Book Brawl: Tina Fey’s 'Bossypants' Vs. Mindy Kaling’s 'Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)'

Column by Meredith Borders December 22, 2011
Every month, I throw two books into the readers’ ring to fight it out for the honor of literary champion. This month we’ve got memoirs from two hilarious NBC leading ladies. Who will win?

Book Brawl: Battle Royale vs. The Hunger Games

Column by Meredith Borders November 21, 2011
'Battle Royale' and 'The Hunger Games' are two novels about kids killing kids in a government-sponsored bloodbath. What novel will win the coveted honor of literary victor?

Book Brawl: Geek Love vs. Water for Elephants

Column by Meredith Borders October 21, 2011
'Geek Love' and 'Water For Elephants' each detail the daily lives of circus workers in vastly different ways. What novel will win the coveted honor of literary victor?