Teaching My First Writing Class

Column by Christoph Paul August 3, 2018
I taught my first writing class — in Barcelona.

Queer Stereotypes Aren't Just Bad Writing—It Goes Deeper, Says 'Writing The Rainbow' Instructor Nita Tyndall

Column by Nita Tyndall
Nita Tyndall talks a bit about her upcoming LitReactor class 'Writing the Rainbow', a two-week workshop on how to render honest gay, lesbian, and bisexual characters in your fiction.
Class, Genre, JS Breukelaar, teaching, Weird Fiction

A Conversation with JS Breukelaar about Teaching, Weird Fiction, and Her New Novel 'Aletheia'

Interview by Rob Hart July 7, 2017
JS Breukelaar—instructor of our recurring workshop 'Writing the Weird'—has a new book out! Paul Tremblay says 'Aletheia' is 'a melancholy and affecting mix of literary, noir, and horror by the lake.'
Class, Craft, editing, Interview, Tobias Carroll

A Conversation With Tobias Carroll On Short Stories Versus Novels, Teaching, And His Two New Books, 'Reel' And 'Transitory'

Interview by Rob Hart
Tobias Carroll, Vol. 1 Brooklyn editor and LitReactor instructor, is now the author of two novels. When does he find the time? Find out here...
Class, D. Foy, Gutter Opera, Interview

A Conversation With D. Foy about 'Gutter Opera', The Rigors And Worth Of Touring, And His New Novel 'Patricide'

Interview by Rob Hart October 12, 2016
LitReactor instructor D. Foy has a new novel out. It's called 'Patricide.' It's about fathers. And Fathers.
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Starting Next Week: The Last Page with Emily Schultz, Author of 'The Blondes'

News by Rob Hart September 22, 2015
How do you revive a stalled story? How do know you're done? How do you write that dreaded synopsis? What's next? We've got a class starting soon that can help...
David Corbett

10 Questions With 'The Mercy of Night' Author David Corbett

Interview by Rob Hart
David Corbett, a regular and wildly popular LitReactor instructor, has a new novel out. So we thought it was a good time for ten questions...
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Eraserhead Press Publishes Book Plucked From LitReactor Class

News by Rob Hart December 10, 2014
LitReactor's workshops have produced plenty of published short stories and essays. But 'Pax Titanus', now available from Eraserhead Press, is probably the first novel to jump from classroom to print.
queer and trans writing ten questions cooper

10 Questions with LitReactor Instructor and Memoirist Cooper Lee Bombardier

October 29, 2014
What would you like to know about queer and trans writers? We caught up with writer and LitReactor instructor, Cooper Lee Bombardier, to ask ten questions about his work.
Gemma Files, Horror, Writing Craft, Class

10 Questions with LitReactor Instructor and Horror Writer Gemma Files

October 20, 2014
Still afraid of the monsters underneath your bed? So are we. Want to write about it? We caught up with acclaimed horror writer, Gemma Files, to find out how she confronts the monstrous.
Rachel Kramer Bussel

10 Questions with LitReactor Instructor and Erotica Writer Rachel Kramer Bussel

Interview by Rob Hart
Let's talk about sex! In a mature and adult manner, with Rachel Kramer Bussel, an acclaimed editor and writer of erotica who's leading a class on the subject for LitReactor.
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We've Got Some Killer Workshops Coming Up, Covering Poetry, Memoir, Crowd-funding, Grammar, And More...

News by Rob Hart September 25, 2014
Sign up for a class. Work harder. Check out our diverse array of offerings. It's so diverse your head will spin. Seriously.
10 Questions with LitReactor Instructor Chloe Caldwell

10 Questions with LitReactor Instructor Chloe Caldwell

Interview by Rob Hart August 27, 2014
'Women', the new novella from LitReactor instructor Chloe Caldwell, is a deeply personal and intimate reflection on sexuality and friendship. And we brought her by to answer some questions about it.
June's Slate of Writing Workshops: YA, NA, Critique, Character, and Using F

June's Slate of Writing Workshops: YA, NA, Critique, Character, and Using Fact to Support Fiction

News by Rob Hart May 20, 2014
We've got a full slate of classes for June — a little something for everyone.
10 Questions, Class, Interview, John Skipp

10 Questions with Bizarro Legend and LitReactor Instructor John Skipp

Interview by Rob Hart July 19, 2013
Meet horror/bizarro fiction legend and award-winning editor John Skipp. He's had a long and accomplished career in publishing. He's also a friggin' writing machine.
Class, Interview, Joseph Nassise, Q&A

5 Questions with LitReactor instructor Joseph Nassise; eBook Coding Class Starts Monday

Interview by Rob Hart
Learn the ins and outs of self-publishing with Joseph Nassise, author of more than a dozen novels and a self-publishing expert. Class is in session on Monday.
LitReactor Hiring: Class facilitator for online workshop program

Now Hiring: Class facilitator for our online workshop program

News by Rob Hart March 7, 2013
Are you a writer? Are you organized? Do you want to earn a few bucks and get access to the lectures of our esteemed instructors? Then we have a job for you...
Resurfacing: An Interview with Lidia Yuknavitch

Resurfacing: An Interview with Lidia Yuknavitch on Writing, Teaching, and Bringing Dark Secrets to Light

July 25, 2012
Lidia Yuknavitch, author of 'The Chronology of Water' and 'Dora: A Headcase', talks about the progression from memoir to fiction and exploring the boundaries of self in a technological age.
Interview with Bree Ogden

Twitterview with Bree Ogden, Instructor Of Our Upcoming Class 'Intro To Graphic Novel Writing'

Interview by Rob Hart June 5, 2012
Bree Ogden is back with her hit class, Intro to Graphic Novel Writing. To give you a preview of how the class will work, she fielded some questions from her followers on Twitter to answer here.
Q&A, Class, Interview, Paul Tremblay, Sarah Langan, John Langan, F. Brett Cox

Paul Tremblay, Sarah Langan and John Langan Talk About The Horror Genre, And Their New Class Kicking Off Monday

Interview by Rob Hart
Meet some of the instructors from our first multi-teacher class, geared toward creating tension, building dread, and writing a better horror story.
LitReactor Is Looking For Some New Instructors

LitReactor Is Looking For Some New Instructors

News by Dennis Widmyer
LitReactor is looking for some new instructors to teach shorter-form workshops and weekend webinars on the business side of writing. Think you fit the bill? Read on!
5 Questions with LitReactor's Christopher Bram

5 Questions with LitReactor's Christopher Bram; 'Beginning the Novel' Starts Next Monday

Interview by Rob Hart
Christopher Bram's class, 'Beginning the Novel,' kicks off on Monday, May 28. We posed five questions to the instructor, to give you a sense of his style, and the class.
Class, Interview, Q&A, Scott Myers

5 Questions with LitReactor's Scott Myers; 'A Screenwriter's Approach To Story Prep' Starts Monday

Interview by Rob Hart
Master screenwriter Scott Myers answers from questions for us on good movie scripts and the common mistakes that new screenwriters make. His LitReactor class starts this Monday.
Class, Horror, Interview, Jack Ketchum, Q&A

5 Questions with LitReactor's Master of Horror, Jack Ketchum; 'Talking Scars' Starts May 7

Interview by Rob Hart April 27, 2012
Jack Ketchum joins LitReactor for 'Talking Scars,' a four-week class that will reveal the dynamics for how to craft compelling horror and suspense stories. You'll want to write with the lights on.
 Jon Gingerich 'Fundamentals of Short Fiction'

5 Questions with LitReactor's Master of Craft, Jon Gingerich; 'Fundamentals of Short Fiction' Starts Monday

Interview by Rob Hart
Jon Gingerich's class, 'Fundamentals of Short Fiction', starts Monday, and here's a preview of what he's going to be talking about...