The Mini-Guide To Writing Sex For Your Genre

Column by Holly Slater October 19, 2016
There are approximately a zillion questions to consider when it comes to the craft of sex in fiction. One of the most important being: Does your intended audience expect, crave, or even allow sex?

Giving Up the Ghost: How to Bury Dead Writing

Column by Leah Dearborn March 27, 2015
Giving up on a piece of writing seems counterintuitive. We’re told from an early age that if we just keep trying, one day we’ll succeed. But sometimes effort just isn’t enough.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Dialogue

Column by Susan DeFreitas February 23, 2015
Dialogue is, in many ways, the heart of fiction. That's why it pays to get it right—or, at the very least, not wrong.

The Pitfalls of NaNoWriMo

Column by Christopher Shultz November 6, 2014
NaNoWriMo is a wonderful event for some writers, but a very bad idea for others. In which camp do you belong?

The Art of Microfiction

Column by Gayle Towell July 24, 2014
A brief discussion of microfiction: who writes/reads it and why, tricks of the trade, and places to submit.

Play It Again, Sam: Tackling the Rewrite

Column by Emma McMorran Clark July 23, 2014
Sometimes the best way to tackle a revision is to just start over.

On Kicking Ass: How To Write a Fight Scene

Column by BH Shepherd July 18, 2014
Some tips and tricks for writing engaging literary violence.

5 Silver Linings of Having A Day Job

Column by Christopher Shultz July 18, 2014
Even though we dream of writing for a living, we sometimes need day jobs to make ends meet. This doesn't have to be a bad thing.

The Ten Worst Pieces of Writing Advice You Will Ever Hear (and Probably Already Have)

Column by Susan DeFreitas April 11, 2014
When is good advice bad advice? When it doesn't account for the many ways that we learn and grow as writers.

Books on Writing: What Authors, Agents and Editors Read

Column by Erin Reel October 1, 2013
What books on writing are worth your lunch money? Erin Reel asks a handful of writers, agents who write, and one publisher what books stand the test of time.

Storyville: 10 Ways to Evaluate Your Writing Career

Column by Richard Thomas September 4, 2013
How do you know if your writing career is going well? Here are 10 ways to check your progress.

Storyville: How Do You Know When Your Story is Done?

Column by Richard Thomas June 24, 2013
It's hard to tell when a story is done. Here are some tips for figuring it out.

Storyville: Why Write Short Stories At All?

Column by Richard Thomas May 1, 2013
Why should you even bother with stories, novels are where it's at, right? No--walk before you can run.

Info Dumps Aren't Evil

Column by Erik Wecks January 30, 2013
Writers are often told to avoid information dumps at all costs, but this can leave a story feeling clipped and lacking necessary description.

Do You Have To Suffer For Your Art? Or Can Happy Writers Be Successful?

Column by Kimberly Turner November 20, 2012
We're all familiar with the stereotype of the tormented artist and depressed, alcoholic writer; but do great lives truly require great hardship? Can't you be happy and successful?
Watch The Naked Writer Write

Watch The Naked Writer Write

News by Kimberly Turner September 11, 2012
Starting Wednesday, the public is invited to watch fantasy author Silvia Hartmann write a novel live on the internet in a project she calls The Naked Writer. Would you have the guts to do the same?

Storyville: Writing About Sex

Column by Richard Thomas September 5, 2012
How do you write a good sex scene? By utilizing the right language, all five senses, and empathetic characters, you can seduce the reader into living the moment.

Storyville: The Horror of Editing and Revision

Column by Richard Thomas August 29, 2012
It's been said that the difference between a good writer and a great writer is editing. So let's hop to it.

Storyville: Endings, Twisted and Otherwise

Column by Richard Thomas August 16, 2012
A beginning, a middle, and an end. Let's talk about the end. Make it resonate.
Resurfacing: An Interview with Lidia Yuknavitch

Resurfacing: An Interview with Lidia Yuknavitch on Writing, Teaching, and Bringing Dark Secrets to Light

July 25, 2012
Lidia Yuknavitch, author of 'The Chronology of Water' and 'Dora: A Headcase', talks about the progression from memoir to fiction and exploring the boundaries of self in a technological age.

Storyville: 10 Ways to Balance Life and Writing

Column by Richard Thomas July 5, 2012
In this Storyville column I talk about the many different ways that I try to balance my writing and personal life.