Jason Rekulak on Finding the Hidden

Interview by Jena Brown
Editor turned author Jason Rekulak talks outside the box concepts and finding your story.

Book vs. Film: "The Pale Blue Eye"

Column by Christopher Shultz
Edgar Allan Poe plays detective on page and on film, but is it a strong enough mystery to captivate repeated reads or views?

Wednesday Addams and the Nihilist as Narrator

Column by Leah Dearborn
Can a nihilistic narrator drive a successful plot, and is it possible for a character who experiences growth to be a true nihilist?

Books We’re Looking Forward To In 2023

Column by Jena Brown
2023 is already looking like a banner book year. Start apologizing to your TBR pile now.
"The Best Horror of the Year Volume 14" edited by Ellen Datlow

"The Best Horror of the Year Volume 14" edited by Ellen Datlow

Review by Christopher Shultz December 27, 2022
Some horrors are new this year, but several more have been causing nightmares for decades.

The Must-Read Horror Graphic Novels of 2022

Column by Stephanie M. Wytovich, MFA
Some of my favorite comic reads from 2022 spanning horror, magic realism, and dark science fiction.

Why Horror Resonates With Autistic Fans

Column by Lor Gislason
Horror and autistic induviduals may feel like oil and water, but they go together quite well for a variety of reasons.
Better the Devil You Know, An Interview on Religious Horror with Ross Jeffery

Better the Devil You Know: Ross Jeffrey on Religious Horror

Interview by Andrew Fowlow December 9, 2022
Why does religious horror continue to captivate audiences?

5 Great Original Screenplays That (Probably) Won't Get Oscar Nominations

Column by Christopher Shultz
It's one thing to predict what movies the Oscars will deem worthy of their attention, but what about the films they'll snub?
Erika T. Wurth on "White Horse," Process, and Genre

Erika T. Wurth on "White Horse," Process, and Genre

Interview by Jena Brown December 7, 2022
The "White Horse" author discusses craft, process, and advice for new writers.
In Conversation: Stephanie Feldman and Rachel Harrison

In Conversation: Stephanie Feldman and Rachel Harrison

Interview by Stephanie Feldman November 30, 2022
The two authors discuss their latest books and the monstrous feminine.

Book vs. Film: "Bones and All"

Column by Christopher Shultz
From vegan treatise to queer parable and beyond, one version of the same narrative offers a snack, while the other provides a feast.

6 Nonfiction Titles For Nonfiction November

Column by Lindy Ryan
Halloween may be over, but that’s no reason to say goodbye to your spooky bookshelf!
Lindy Ryan: Stories Are All Around Us

Lindy Ryan: Stories Are All Around Us

Interview by Sara Tantlinger November 8, 2022
An interview with writer, editor, publisher, and phenomenal human, Lindy Ryan!
Review: "Jackal" by Erin E. Adams

"Jackal" by Erin E. Adams

Review by Christopher Shultz November 3, 2022
In her debut novel, Adams spectacularly weaves a serial killer whodunnit into the classist and racist history of America.

Storyville: My Favorite Horror Stories Available to Read Online Right Now

Column by Richard Thomas
Some thought provoking and emotional work for you to enjoy this Halloween season.

10 Scary Children’s Books that Might Still Keep You Up at Night

Column by Leah Dearborn
There’s nothing more lastingly creepy than books with the ability to scar your early childhood.
R.J. Dent, translator of The Songs of Maldoror

Translator R.J. Dent: "You Don't Find Maldoror—It Finds You"

Interview by Gabriel Hart October 25, 2022
Gabriel Hart interviews R.J. Dent, translator of the new edition of 'The Songs of Maldoror' by Comte de Lautréamont.

Why We'll Never Stop Talking About Frankenstein

Column by Peter Derk
Can't stop, won't stop talking about Frankenstein. But why?

Stephen King’s Evolution on Writing Women, LGBTQ Characters, and People of Color

Column by Jay Wilburn
Stephen King's career spans over half a century. How has he faired representing various groups in his writing and how has he evolved with the times? Let's see.

Let's Replace Canonical Horror

Column by Peter Derk
Out with the old, in with the gory, juicy, squishy, disgusting, Halloween-y new!
"Mothwoman" by Nicole Cushing

"Mothwoman" by Nicole Cushing

Review by Christopher Shultz October 11, 2022
The latest novel from the Bram Stoker Award-winning Cushing is her most ambitious and mind-melting yet.

The Magical Books That Fostered My Own Budding Love of "Spooky Season"

Column by Karis Rogerson
An avowed coward, Karis Rogerson read some books and fell in love with spooky season!

Time's Chainsaw: Why You Should Set Your Horror In A Specific Time Period

Column by Peter Derk
Bring your horror story back from the dead by setting it in a specific temporal space.
Stephen Graham Jones on Creating His Killer New Comic: "Earthdivers"

Stephen Graham Jones on Creating His Killer New Comic: "Earthdivers"

Interview by Jena Brown
The prolific author talks creativity and takes us back in time with his new comic series.