10 Horror Bookstagrammers You Should Be Following

Column by Sadie Hartmann
The Instagram app is home to many niche hashtags, but probably none are as prolific as #bookstagram. Here are some Horror Genre bookstagrammers you should be following.
Polis Books Announces ‘Lockdown: Stories of Terror, Crime, and Hope During a Pan

EXCLUSIVE: Polis Books Announces ‘Lockdown: Stories of Terror, Crime, and Hope During a Pandemic’ Charity Anthology

News by Joshua Chaplinsky April 6, 2020
Give yourself some great entertainment—and support a worthy cause at the same time.

13 Indie Publishers Producing Fresh, Hot, Horror Fiction

Column by Sadie Hartmann March 25, 2020
A baker's dozen of indie publishers changing the landscape of horror fiction for the better.
An Interview with the Women Who Wrote ‘Monster, She Wrote’

An Interview with the Women Who Wrote ‘Monster, She Wrote’

Interview by Annie Neugebauer February 25, 2020
An interview with Lisa Kröger and Melanie R. Anderson, the authors of 'Monster, She Wrote: The Women Who Pioneered Horror and Speculative Fiction.'

This Genre is on Fire! 13 Fiesty Females Fanning Fear into Flame!

Column by Sadie Hartmann February 4, 2020
These 13 authors are at the top of their game—fearlessly writing horror fiction, gathering a loyal fanbase, and looking ahead to the future.
Blood in the Gears: Paul Tremblay on the Craft of Writing

Blood in the Gears: Paul Tremblay on the Craft of Writing

Interview by Tyler Jones January 29, 2020
An interview with Paul Tremblay on the craft of writing.

Count Dracula: Misunderstood Monster, Bloodsucking Bastard, And Everything In-Between

Column by Christopher Shultz January 6, 2020
The Count began life as straight-up bad guy, but now his role in pop-culture is a lot more complicated.

The 20 Most Anticipated Horror Books of 2020

Column by Max Booth III December 29, 2019
2020 might be one of the worst years ever, but at least the horror fiction will be rad.

The Best Horror Novels Of The Last Decade

Column by Christopher Shultz December 6, 2019
Some truly amazing horror has come out of the last ten years. Here are just 20 noteworthy titles.

10 Short Stories "Creepshow" Should Adapt For Season Two

Column by Max Booth III
Maybe the next season will feature more than one female writer?

Book vs Film: "In The Tall Grass"

Column by Christopher Shultz November 18, 2019
The novella from Stephen King and Joe Hill gets a Netflix original adaptation.

Interview: Maxwell Bauman Loves His Jewish Mummy

Interview by Christoph Paul November 11, 2019
An interview with Maxwell Bauman, author of "The Anarchist Kosher Cookbook" and "The Mummy of Canaan".
"A Sick Gray Laugh" by Nicole Cushing

"A Sick Gray Laugh" by Nicole Cushing

Review by Christopher Shultz
Nicole Cushing's latest work is way more disturbing than anything she's written before.

Essential Slashers: The Foundations, Peaks, and Valleys of Modern Horror's Most Iconic Subgenre

Column by Fred Venturini October 31, 2019
Fred Venturini selects the essential slasher films: the foundations of the subgenre, the best slasher films of all time, and the "so bad its good" picks to round out your next horror film marathon.

Giving ARCs Instead of Candy and Other Halloween Hacks for Writers

Column by Gabino Iglesias October 30, 2019
There are many reasons why Halloween is the perfect time to be a writer. Here are some hacks to help you maximize the experience.

10 Horror Books In Desperate Need of a Reprint

Column by Peter Derk
Start the presses! Please!

A Brief History Of Halloween In Fiction

Column by Christopher Shultz
There are just as many Halloween books as there are movies, but they're not as well known...yet.

All Hail the Slasher: The Rise and Legacy of an Iconic Subgenre of Horror

Column by Fred Venturini
Freddy. Michael. Jason. How did slasher films dominate the horror genre in the 70's and 80's? Let's examine the rise of the subgenre and it's legacy as pure cinematic experience.

Tag Yourself: Writers’ Halloween Costumes

Column by Annie Neugebauer
It’s Halloween. You’re a writer. You're wearing one of eight costumes. Which one are you?

Storyville: Finding Original Locations to Set Your Horror Stories

Column by Richard Thomas
How can you find original locations to set your horror stories? Here are a few ideas.

Women Are Reclaiming and Perfecting The Rape Revenge Narrative

Column by Christopher Shultz
Women writers are carving important narratives out of an exploitative subgenre.

What's With Stephen King and Farts?

Column by Peter Derk
Is the King of Horror also King of Farts?
"Scream: Chilling Adventures in the Science of Fear" by Margee Kerr

"Scream: Chilling Adventures in the Science of Fear" by Margee Kerr

Review by Cina Pelayo
Sociologist Margee Kerr spent years coding responses to the question, What’s your biggest fear?

A Goosebumpy Celebration of R.L. Stine

Column by Jessica Marie Baumgartner
Wishing the master of children's horror a happy birthday.