In this surgical approach to a book review, we take a scalpel to literary classics to see what makes their hearts pump.

Post-Mortem: Exploring 'Finnegans Wake'

Column by Emily Rose Lathrop
Exploring 'Finnegans Wake' over a period of two weeks.

Post-Mortem: How I Stopped Being (as) Afraid of Stephen King's It

Column by Leah Rhyne August 13, 2013
After living in fear of clowns and storm drains for over two decades, re-reading Stephen King's "It" finally brought me some peace. But just some...

Post-Mortem: 'The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy' by Douglas Adams

Column by Meredith Borders July 6, 2012
A breakdown of the mechanics of THE HITCHHIKER'S GUIDE and the reasons it should be read by the writers among us.

Post-Mortem: "The Sound and the Fury" by William Faulkner

Column by Jack Joslin March 22, 2012
An autopsy of William Faulkner's novel, 'The Sound and the Fury'. What makes this novel so great?

Post-Mortem: 'House of Leaves' by Mark Z. Danielewski

Column by Kasey Carpenter February 17, 2012
An autopsy of Mark Danielewski's 'House of Leaves,' a book you could teach an entire college course on.