Beyond the Comfort Zone: Writing Outside Your Box

Column by BH Shepherd
An exploration of how writing in unfamiliar genres and formats can help you grow as a writer.

Writing a Novel With Save the Cat!

Column by Cina Pelayo
The Cat has had its way with the screenplay, and now it has turned its sights on novels.

Project Redlight: Part 2

Column by David James Keaton May 24, 2018
The continuing adventures of David James Keaton in the screen(writing) trade.

Project Redlight: Part I

Column by David James Keaton
One man's adventures in the screen(writing) trade.

5 Reasons Why You Should Write a Screenplay

Column by Justin Hunter
Writers of prose would do well to follow the methods of screenwriters to help immerse readers in their story.

Brace Yourselves: A Breakdown of the Game of Thrones Pilot, "Winter is Coming"

Column by Fred Venturini July 14, 2017
The Game of Thrones pilot, "Winter is Coming," packs a sprawling, fantasy epic into a tight sixty-one minutes featuring distinct and interesting settings and characters.

Story Structure: The Magic Bullet that Nearly Killed Me

Column by Matthew Quirk April 13, 2017
Matthew Quirk, author of the newly-released 'Dead Man Switch,' talks about the secret code of storytelling he learned from screenwriting.

Pilot Breakdown: Beauty and Disarray in Westworld's 'The Original'

Column by Fred Venturini February 2, 2017
A craft-based look at Westworld's pilot, "The Original."

Book vs. Film: 'Tony & Susan' vs. 'Nocturnal Animals'

Column by Christopher Shultz January 31, 2017
There are changes necessary in the adaptation process, and then there are changes that are avoidable

What Works & What Doesn't: "Gremlins"

Column by Christopher Shultz December 19, 2016
Is this the ultimate comedy creature feature?

What Works & What Doesn't: 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off'

Column by Christopher Shultz
Even the lightest of comedies have villains.

Well-Written Horror Films: Part IV

Column by Christopher Shultz October 19, 2016
Looking for scares alongside quality storytelling? Look no further...

What Works & What Doesn't: 'Halloween'

Column by Christopher Shultz October 13, 2016
Are Carpenter and Hill guilty of expository dialogue...or is there something more SINISTER going on?

What Works & What Doesn't: 'Children of the Corn'

Column by Christopher Shultz September 6, 2016
Whoever decided voice-over narration in this film would be a good idea needs a visit from He Who Walks Behind the Rows.

What Works & What Doesn't: 'Forrest Gump'

Column by Christopher Shultz August 24, 2016
Films are like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. And you never know why the hell some flavors are so beloved either...

Is "Stranger Things" The Contemporary Sci-Fi/Horror Juggernaut We've Been Waiting For?

Column by Christopher Shultz
The new Netflix original series has already garnered a big following, but can it sustain its momentum in future seasons?

What Works & What Doesn't: 'Full Metal Jacket'

Column by Christopher Shultz July 18, 2016
It's hailed as one of the best anti-war films ever made...but is its depiction of war not as good as it could be?

What Works & What Doesn't: 'A Nightmare on Elm Street'

Column by Christopher Shultz
It's an enjoyable, fairly straightforward adventure plot with a solid Act III...or is it so much more than that?

What Works & What Doesn't: 'Showgirls'

Column by Christopher Shultz
It's not as bad as you might remember, but it still isn't good. Let's explore why.

What Works & What Doesn't: 'Badlands'

Column by Christopher Shultz
How effective is the first act of Terrence Malick's debut feature on the page?
Batfleck Writes Batscript

Batfleck Writes Batscript

News by Peter Derk April 1, 2016
Did Batman V. Superman leave you wanting? As usual, Batman's got a contingency plan.

What Works & What Doesn't: 'Citizen Kane'

Column by Christopher Shultz
It's considered one of the greatest films ever made, due in large part to it's masterful non-linear storytelling and use of sequences.

On "The Witch," Great Cinematic Writing and The Tenets of Horror

Column by Christopher Shultz March 4, 2016
Audiences are up in arms about whether or not 'The Witch' is scary, and in doing so, ignoring how good it is.

5 Screenwriters Who Wrote Their Own Novelizations

Column by Bart Bishop
A look at screenwriters adapting their own scripts into novelizations of popular movies.

What Works & What Doesn't: 'The Apartment'

Column by Christopher Shultz January 8, 2016
A classic from Billy Wilder and I.A.L. Diamond — but is it "damn near perfection" as Wilder insists?