Strong Indigenous Voices in Horror

Shane Hawk: A Strong New Indigenous Voice in Horror

Interview by Andrew Fowlow
Emerging indigenous author, Shane Hawk, discusses diversity, small press publishing, and overcoming adversity with writing.

The Case for Amazon

Column by Peter Derk December 14, 2020
We've heard the bad. But is there some good in Amazon?

Self-Indie Publishing: Self-Publishing Without the Stigma

Column by Peter Derk
Looking for a way to self-publish without the stigma of self-publishing? I might have some ideas for you...

Good Idea or Bad Idea: 100 Writers, Publishers, and Editors Weigh in on my Career Choices

Column by Jay Wilburn June 2, 2020
Jay Wilburn dared to ask 100 authors, publishers, editors and others in the publishing industry to weigh in on things he has done, is doing, or is thinking about doing as a writer.

From Creepypasta to Doubleday

Column by Dathan Auerbach August 7, 2018
"Penpal" author Dathan Auerbach returns with "Bad Man", and tells us how he went from Reddit to a major publisher.

5 Promotion Tips for Small Press and Self Published Authors

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky March 19, 2018
Got a book coming out and no money for a publicist? Here are some things I learned hawking my own wares.

99 Cents Is Too Cheap For Your Book

Column by Peter Derk July 21, 2017
When it comes to selling books, it's good to be a whore. Just don't be a CHEAP whore.

5 Reasons To Hire A Freelance Editor, and What To Do When You Can't

Column by Holly Slater November 9, 2016
Freelance editors sometimes get a bum rap from authors in the literary world. They are seen as predators. Critical snobs. The scum of the earth. Hello, I'm a freelance editor.

What $100 Of eBook Marketing Advice Is Really Worth

Column by Peter Derk September 14, 2016
If a guy were to buy $100 of eBook marketing materials, how much would it earn him?
Self-Published Romance Writer Exposed as Plagiarist

Self-Published Romance Writer Exposed as Plagiarist

News by Raine Winters October 29, 2015
Copycats are no fun.
Cornelia Funke to Self Publish ‘The Golden Yarn’

Cornelia Funke to Self Publish ‘The Golden Yarn’

News by Raine Winters
Dear Publishers: Cornelia will not be making your suggested edits.

DIY Book Covers for the Self Publishing-Inclined Part 2

Column by George Cotronis June 25, 2015
You've learned how to combine stock images to create vaguely interesting book covers. Time to learn some easy typography tricks.

In Defense Of Indie (It's Not What You Think)

Column by Keith Rawson March 25, 2015
Does Indie publishing need to be defended? Do even the oceans of crap deserve it?
Look Out, Wattpad—Amazon Releases 'Write On' to Public

Look Out, Wattpad—Amazon Releases 'Write On' to Public

News by Raine Winters
Write On, the new crowd-publishing platform, hopes to compete with Wattpad.
Readership: The Unknown Seas Of A New Self-Publishing Platform

Readership: The Unknown Seas Of A New Self-Publishing Platform

News by Peter Derk February 4, 2015
Readership: The punny platform where donations follow "likes."

The Ethical Author

Column by Dean Fetzer December 17, 2014
Do we have a responsibility to our readers to behave ethically when we market our books?

Self-Publishing is Basically the YouTube of Literature

Column by Brandon Tietz October 22, 2014
Even after going mainstream, self-publishing is still associated with a myriad of stigmas. Here's a few to consider before you make the leap.

Product Review: TowerBabel

Column by Christopher Shultz March 13, 2014
With the numerous self-publishing options available to authors, TowerBabel stands out with a few tricks up its sleeves.

Authors and Publishers — Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Column by Dean Fetzer February 4, 2014
Brenna Aubrey turned down a six-figure book deal to self-publish. Why? It’s a case highlighting the turmoil at the heart of writing and publishing that doesn’t show any signs of going away.

Storykiller: Get Thee Back To Kickstarter!

Column by Kelly Thompson January 21, 2014
After eighteen months I head back to Kickstarter with my new novel. Find out why and what I hope will be better — or at least different — this time around.
Self-Publishing A Literary "Darknet"

Founder of Book Genome Project Calls Self-Publishing A Literary "Darknet"

News by Christopher Shultz October 21, 2013
Aaron Stanton finds a wealth of potentially offensive content available through Amazon, Google Play, and Barnes & Noble.

Don’t Write That, Write This! How To Be An Awesome Blogger

Column by Cath Murphy October 3, 2013
Don't let your blog become a slog. Use this guide to freshen up your writing platform.

Cum for Bigfoot: A Sexy Self Publishing Success Story

Column by Virginia Wade June 12, 2013
Virginia Wade, author of the successful "Cum For Bigfoot" series, talks erotica, self publishing and the joys of ape-sex.
NOOK Press Replacing PubIt!

PubIt! Replaced by NOOK Press

News by Dean Fetzer April 10, 2013
Barnes & Noble have launched a new publishing service based on the PubIt! Platform “with added features powered by self-publishing service provider FastPencil.”
BiblioCrunch Partners With Wattpad

BiblioCrunch to Offer More Services Via New Partner Wattpad

News by Dean Fetzer March 27, 2013
BiblioCrunch, a 'marketplace' to find vetted book publishing and editorial services has joined up with the publishing community to provide services for premium customers.