Think Through Twitter: Questions for the Social Media Artist

Column by Phil Jourdan January 31, 2013
The creative potential in social media platforms is obvious, but what about the other side? Phil Jourdan looks at the way Twitter can encourage new ways of thinking critically about the arts.
Storybird ‘Reverse-Engineering’ Picture Books

Storybird ‘Reverse-Engineering’ Picture Books for Social Storytelling

News by Dean Fetzer
Toronto-based storytelling site Storybird launched in 2010 and now has over two million members.
Ownshelf: eBook sharing social network

Want to Share Your eBooks With Your Friends? Ownshelf May Be the Answer

News by Dean Fetzer December 12, 2012
Developed by an out of work video game developer, Ownshelf is the social network aimed at sharing eBooks.

The Internet Has Become The Bookstore Front Window

Column by Erik Wecks November 29, 2012
A successful marketing campaign used to mean a prized place in the front window of a bookstore. Now authors have to find new ways to get their books in front of prospective readers on the internet.

What I Learned From My Kickstarter Campaign

Column by Kelly Thompson August 6, 2012
Two weeks after a successful Kickstarter campaign for my novel, 'The Girl Who Would Be King,' I'm here to tell you about my experiences - what worked, what didn't, and a few things I'd recommend.
Jonathan Franzen hates twitter

Jonathan Franzen, Cranky Curmudgeon, Hates Twitter, Gets Tweeted About

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen March 6, 2012
Is Jonathan Franzen gunning for Andy Rooney's '60 Minutes' seat? During a speaking engagement last night, he admitted that he finds Twitter "unspeakably irritating." Naturally, it spawned a hashtag.
LitReactor Duo Consulting

LitReactor Gets Props, You Get Free Marketing Advice

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen
LitReactor gets an atta-boy from Duo Consulting, but this isn't just back-patting. These are content marketing strategies that anyone can use to get new readership on their publishing ventures.

Offline Marketing: How To Promote Yourself Without A Computer

Column by Brandon Tietz October 1, 2011
In an industry that is steadily shifting towards online marketing, there is still no substitute for the face-to-face interaction that is live networking. Here’s a few methods you might be neglecting.