Writers Helping Writers : From The Workshop

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"Roof" by grousson
A young man is stuck on a roof during a roofing gig and witnesses something awful.
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"Engineman's Glory" by MyDarkUrbanFantasy
Two enginemen from the same airship find their ways home after their ship is attacked by an opposing aeronautical force.
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"HOUSE FIRE" by Pablo DStair
A man sits in traffic while his house burns down.
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"The Spirit Tree" by Coyote Gunnyon
The spirit tree is a short story about life, death, song, and burial processes.
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"Dog On It (working title)" by leafwriter
A a golden doodle and others, genetically altered in a University Lab to be highly intelligent, struggle with being different, almost "human....

Sharpen Your Skills : Essays On Writing

Chuck Palahniuk

One Word Leads To The Next: Unconventional Conjunctive Devices

From: Chuck Palahniuk
An essay that explores unconventional conjunctive devices and how they can link a story together, making it more like a song or piece of music.
Chuck Palahniuk

The Haunting: How To Conquer The Shame Of Being A Writer

From: Chuck Palahniuk
An essay about why the vocation of writing can sometimes feel shameful, and how to own that shame and then eventually conquer it.