Embracing the Practice With Holiday Reinhorn

Develop your skills at short fiction while building a daily writing practice that suits your own needs.

Your Instructor: Holiday Reinhorn (Author of BIG CATS: Stories)

Where: Online — Available everywhere!

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Enrollment: 16 Students Maximum

Price: $495

Class Description

This six-week online course will give you permission, tools, and supportive community for finding deeper access to a writing practice that works for you, a practice that you'll find sustainable and ultimately productive of your best work.  Methods include Holiday's non-patented "un-lectures," designed to tease you out of previous limitations, as well as unconventional writing prompts that include an immersion in mixed media.  You'll also find suggested readings and focused writing assignments.  You'll receive peer review and the instructor's critiques for strengthening your storytelling, all provided within the larger framework of understanding the need for each writer to define his or her own working methods.

What you'll get:

  • 6-weeks of conscious community and experimental practice for 15 writers
  • Designed to liberate and transform your way of seeing the artistic process
  • Shaped to increase your comfort zone to discover and embrace your own methods


Some of the most repeated advice Holiday Reinhorn ever received as a young writer included the admonishment to stop writing short fiction and to shape just one of her early stories into a novel.  Every time she looks at her first published book, a collection of 13 short stories, she rejoices that she stuck to her guns and wrote the stories she needed to write first with an allegiance to their natural scope.  This is only one example of the many ways she felt tasked to reject stereotypical advice despite sometimes crushing self-doubt.  It all pays off, according to Holiday, in the chance to launch a writing career on your own terms and without regrets.  Holiday comes to the teaching of writing as someone who never set out to be a professor and teaches more in the mode of a skilled practitioner who shares her own practice.  She never forgets that as a student, she needed permission more than she needed prescriptions.  And her desire to give back has taken her as far as Haiti where she's led workshops for people to grow a writing practice at the same time as rebuilding their lives.

What This Class Covers

  • Essential elements of short fiction
  • Building a daily practice that suits your personality
  • Finding inspiration in varied artistic forms and mixed media
  • Benefits and guiding principles for starting a writer's notebook
  • Following and modifying assignments and prompts to suit your needs
  • Important feedback on the work you submit
  • How to make the most of instructor and community feedback
    while finding your own vision

Goals Of This Class

  • One completed short story (5-8 pages)
  • One scene revision
  • Generative starter material from richly varied exercises and prompts
  • Writer's notebook entries
  • Feedback and consultation on all of the above
  • Definite resources and tools to work with to improve your new material
  • A feeling of confidence about your unique process
  • Greater certainty in your ability to keep a writing practice going beyond the class

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