10 Comics Related Gifts For The Comic Geek In Your Life

So you have some people on your list that love comics, but you don't want to put in the time required to figure out what they like and what they already have (I can hardly blame you, comics can be surprisingly difficult), so here are some more user friendly options sure to delight every fan on your list!


Make his or her mornings more badass with a retro Batman mug. Equal parts badass and classically goofy, this mug hits the sweet spot regardless of what you put in it. In fact, who can't tackle whatever horrible (or boring) task you have in front of you when you start out the day feeling like The Goddamn Batman? Unfortunately when I started this list (and this item was the sole inspiration for doing the list!) the mug was not sold out at Amazon, as it is now. I'm still going to link to it in case it shows back up, but if you want it you better start hunting now! And if you find it, shoot me a line, cause I want it too! I suppose if you get desperate you could go for Superman, which is also cool, but let's face it, we all know Batman is better. There's also the pair of Superman and Batman, but with glitter...which makes no sense...but hey, who am I to judge? Also, if you're set on vintage/retro, but not determined to have Batman, you could also try this great Robin version available on Etsy.



I love these superhero themed cufflinks and perhaps the best part is that there are lots of great options. Batman is of course a favorite of mine (are we sensing a theme here?) but in truth I think the Spider-Man ones look the slickest. Of course, if you've got the bucks, you could opt for this awesome 3-piece set which gives you the best of both worlds -- DC & Marvel -- with Batman, Superman, and the aforementioned Spider-Man. There's also these alt Batman versions which are pretty badass, and I must admit that the Captain America ones have a nice simplicity. The Iron Man are a bit loud for my personal tastes, but to each their own!




Let them dress up their iPhone with superheroes and a sense of humor courtesy of this very fun iPhone case (currently for the 4 and 4s only) available from Etsy. Printed with high-quality inks that are both waterproof and sunproof, the description promises that the colors won't fade. The joke is good, the images are simple and graphic, and I'd say this skews just cool enough that nobody needs to be ashamed of having this in public (we comic geeks do occasionally have our shame, sometimes well-deserved, sometimes not). In fact, this piece is clever enough to be a great conversation starter -- maybe you'll help some geeks find love!



Even though there's a whole lot of tacky superhero art out there, it doesn't have to be that way. Just ask Society6 and Gallery Nucleus, which feature amazing artists and plenty of great art from badass deconstructed Black Widow and Captain America pieces by Melissa Smith to these charming and whimsical pieces by cartoonist Vera Brogsol to graphic minimalist pieces by Rogan Josh.  And a bonus of buying from somewhere like Society 6 is that you can buy your print as anything from a simple mini-print to framed artwork, to a stretched canvas piece, and all in a large variety of sizes. And if a print isn't for you they've got everything from cases and skins to throw pillows with the prints you love on them.



Sure you can find a cheaper 16GB flash drive, but you can't beat the style of Mimoco's Batman USB Flash Drive, and via Amazon you can get it at a steal for $30 (instead of the usual $50). I have this drive, albeit a larger one, and I can assure you, it's worth every penny. Add to that they've already sold out of this edition on the Mimoco site and you should run, not walk to Amazon to grab one of these now.

One word of warning, sometimes you have to sacrifice beauty for function. While this flash drive operates exactly like it should, it doesn't fit in some USB ports (like the tiny one on your MAC keyboard) and it can be hard if not impossible to put it next to another device on your laptop since it's a bit wider than most standard drives. But what kind of geek are you if you can't sacrifice just a little ease for all this badass beauty?!?



Have a friend not worried about what others will think when they proclaim their love of Adventure Time every time they make a purchase? Then this badass Adventure Time wallet is the perfect gift. With several different designs, all of them cool, you can't miss with this wallet. I suspect given the materials it won't last forever, but while it lasts it will be totally beloved.

Update: Looks like the shipping window may close before this piece goes live, but if you need something before Christmas and have your heart now set on an Adventure Time Wallet, Amazon has a few great alternatives. Both a similar version to the one on the left, but with a different design, as well as a totally different style that's also a pretty damn adorable Finn The Human!




Though tons of comic fans are big toy and statue collectors I'm not really into it. But you know the statue I made an exception for? Sideshow Collectibles stunning Brock Samson from The Venture Bros cartoon. It is seriously the most beautiful statue I've ever seen. Such high quality and with two heads (called portraits in the description) and two changeable hands - one holding a giant knife and one holding a cleaver - it's really a gorgeous piece of art. You can no longer find Samson on the Sideshow website, so act fast on the Amazon statues available if you're interested.

Also, if you're feeling particularly generous, the Moltov Cocktease statue is equally as badass and beautiful. That said, it's very expensive on Amazon and you should check out Sideshow Collectibles directly for the Moltov statue.



Speaking of The Venture Bros., check out this fantastic travel mug. Capturing the retro vibe of the show, this is a great design offering 14 full ounces of fun (sorry, couldn't help myself). Made of plastic and stainless steel you can be your own hero and save the environment by making your coffee at home - and why wouldn't you when you can carry it in this? You'll be the envy of all your co-workers.

Oh, wait, this list was supposed to be about things for someone else. Well, who cares. A girl can dream can't she? Besides, isn't coveting what you're buying for other people the best compliment anyway?! I find myself wanting everything on this list that I don't already have. Feel free to send me gifts!



Know a geek dad with a baby girl (or a boy, but you know, only if they're open-minded when it comes to gender identity)? Then I cannot possibly recommend more highly this Lucy Knisley Wonder Women print, which you can buy as a canvas or flat print to frame. It comes in all sorts of fantastic sizes and it's just a fun and beautiful piece (again, I speak from experience, I have it framed in our apartment and it's stunning). It's been around for a few years now, but it's the perfect gift for any little girls (or boys) room - teach them to love superheroines in all shapes, sizes, and colors early and often!



I stumbled across this fantastic pill box, which you can of course use for other things like mints, coins (and as Amazon suggests...condoms?!), but whatever you put in it, it's completely cool. This particular one was my favorite, thanks to the gorgeous illustration and obscurity of "Gnat Man." This cover is also available as an ID Holder/Cigarette Case/Wallet, but if Gnatman is too obscure for you, there are other options, like this great Detective Comics #29 cover version.

So that's it for my list. What gems have you found this year for the geeks in your life? Care to share? And if you DO want to give comics, don't forget to check out my comics to give and receive list from last week! Happy holidays to all of you!

Kelly Thompson

Column by Kelly Thompson

Kelly Thompson is the author of two crowdfunded self-published novels. The Girl Who Would be King (2012), was funded at over $26,000, was an Amazon Best Seller, and has been optioned by fancy Hollywood types. Her second novel, Storykiller (2014), was funded at nearly $58,000 and remains in the Top 10 most funded Kickstarter novels of all time. She also wrote and co-created the graphic novel Heart In A Box (2015) for Dark Horse Comics.

Kelly lives in Portland Oregon and writes the comics A-Force, Hawkeye, Jem & The Holograms, Misfits, and Power Rangers: Pink. She's also the writer and co-creator of Mega Princess, a creator-owned middle grade comic book series. Prior to writing comics Kelly created the column She Has No Head! for Comics Should Be Good.

She's currently managed by Susan Solomon-Shapiro of Circle of Confusion.

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dufrescm's picture
dufrescm from Wisconsin is reading Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep December 17, 2012 - 1:42pm

I <3 the Wonder Women print!

1979semifinalist's picture
1979semifinalist from California but living in NYC is reading Joe Hill's NOS4A2 December 17, 2012 - 4:47pm

I have that print and it is just as awesome as it seems! :)

nathaniel parker's picture
nathaniel parker from Cincinnati is reading The Dark Tower ~ King January 2, 2013 - 10:19am

That iphone case makes no sense. Why does it have 2 Marvel characters with 1 DC? What are the three figures on the left supposed to be? What the hell kind of emblem is that for Iron Man?

1979semifinalist's picture
1979semifinalist from California but living in NYC is reading Joe Hill's NOS4A2 December 9, 2013 - 2:35pm


Um, I'm sure it's not produced by Marvel or DC, which is why there are characters from both (which is one of my favorite things about it).

And I think you're missing the entire point of the case. It's:



Man+Iron=Iron Man

It's supposed to be funny. Clearly it doesn't work for you.