25 Days of Christmas Romances

The holiday season is upon us and the time is right for curling up by the fire with a cup of hot cocoa and a book guaranteed to leave you smiling. There’s no better way to find that elusive happily ever after than with a romance novel, and we have one for every day of the advent calendar just for you. Here’s 25 days of Christmas romances to warm you up as the temperatures outside dip. Baby it’s cold outside, but the romances in these novels are sure to heat things up.

1. 'Christmas with the Marine' by Candace Havens

With Christmas fast approaching, personal shopper Ainsley Garret wants nothing to do with men. But when she sees a hot Marine shopping for toys, all her best laid plans go out the window. A heart of gold encased in a military uniform? Yes, please. Major Ben Hawthorne is focused on his career, but a night with Ainsley has him rethinking his own priorities. Together they find love worth checking the list twice for.

This book is swoony. This book is sexy, and it’s sure to get you in the holiday spirit!


2. 'The Trouble with Mistletoe' by Jill Shalvis

When sexy Keane Winters walks into Willa Davis’s pet shop holding a pink bedazzled cat carrier, his only thought is of finding a kitty sitter for his great aunt’s Feline From Hell. He swears he’s never seen the drop dead gorgeous shop owner before, yet she seems to be upset with him. Meanwhile, Willa has no intention of helping a man who doesn’t even remember her. Yet Keane seems different than he was back in high school, and Willa is left wondering if maybe this time around she can trust him with her heart.

This book is heartwarming and sexy and filled with humor.


3. 'Crazy For You' by Heatherly Bell

Washed up L.A. cop Jack Cooper needs a break, and when he stops a deadbeat from breaking and entering, he’s simply doing the right thing. Fallon McQueen needs a date for a destination wedding, and Jack is just the type of guy she’d like to bring. When she invites him, he agrees…as long as they do it his way.

This sweet, festive novella is the perfect way to escape this holiday season.


4. 'Once Upon a Royal Christmas' by Robin Bielman

Rowan Palotay’s life hasn’t exactly been going according to plan after a small mistake has left her with only a pet column in the local newspaper. She definitely never expected to run into royalty while dog walking. Prince Theodore Chenery is in town after the death of his mother when he accidentally runs into the outspoken country girl, and he cannot help but be captivated by her feisty demeanor. Soon the two can no longer deny the passion between them, but when their relationship makes worldwide news, Theo must decide if he should follow his heart or his royal duty.

A royal Christmas? Yes, please!


5. 'More Than Friends' by Jody Holford

Owen Burnett just wants a quiet, unassuming holiday at home spent with his best friend and neighbor, Gabby Michaelson. When his mom pressures him to come home for the holidays, he tells a little white lie that he’s spending the holiday with a new girlfriend. No problem until his family shows up unexpectedly, and Owen has no choice but to ask Gabby to play along as his girlfriend. Gabby’s always secretly loved Owen, but playing his girlfriend is harder than she expects. Together they cannot deny the chemistry between them, but is it worth putting their friendship on the line?

This book is a sweet Christmas romance that you can easily see playing out like a beloved Hallmark holiday film.


6. 'Paper Love' by Aubrey Wynne

Joss Palmateer grew up in a Papua New Guinea mission and is still adjusting to her new home in the U.S. after the death of her mother. Love is the farthest things form her mind, but when sexy physical therapist Ben Montgomery sets his sights on her, he will not be dissuaded. She continues to ignore his advances, but he takes her reticence as a challenge, and with the help of a stray homing pigeon and an old origami legend, he sets forth to win Joss’s love.

This is a clean, sweet read that is guaranteed to usher in the winter season while warming your heart.


7. 'Caribbean Christmas' by Jenna Bayley-Burke

Sanskia snags a last minute ticket home to Anguilla with the intention of surprising her workaholic father for the holiday, but when she arrives, she finds he’s away on business. Saskia manages to fill her days with the joys of the island, including an unexpected reunion with her girlhood crush. Joe Prinsen has every intention of telling Saskia about her father’s depleted financial situation, but as they reconnect, he finds that he is falling for the sexy woman she has become. Now if he tells her the truth, she’ll leave the island—and him—for good.

Grab a fan and step away from the crackling fire, because this holiday romance is hot, hot, hot.


8. 'A Christmas Baby Surprise' by Catherine Mann

After a car accident leaves her with amnesia, Alaina Rutger can’t remember her husband or their adopted baby—which also means she doesn’t remember that their marriage is on the rocks. Her husband Porter now has the opportunity to do whatever it takes to urn their relationship around, just in time for Christmas. But will a secret Alaina has kept for years resurface and cause them more pain?

This second chance romance will warm your heart and lift your spirits.


9. 'An Untouchable Christmas' by Cindy Skaggs

Sofia Capri may very well have survived life as a mob wife, but a family Christmas with her new live-in love, Logan Stone, might be a challenge she can’t surmount. When Sofia’s son disappears from the holiday festivities, all illusions of normalcy shatter, putting Sofia right back into the nightmare she lived before.

This novella is jam packed with action and mystery and is sure to keep you turning pages right up to its thrilling conclusion.


10. 'Snowbound with Mr. Wrong' by Barbara White Daille

Lyssa Barnett thinks things cannot get any worse than squeezing into a too small elf costume to reprised her role at Snowflake Valley’s annual children’s party. When tall, dark, and handsome Nick Tavlock shows up to play Santa and they get stranded snowbound in the lodge, all bets are off. The last things Nick wants is to spend Christmas Eve with the woman who dumped him, but he just cannot stop thinking about her. Soon there’s a love blooming and a kiss under the mistletoe, but will Nick be able to have Lyssa in his arms for good?

This sweet second chance Christmas story will leave you grinning form ear to ear.


11. 'Like Fresh Fallen Snow' by Tara Wyatt

Ellie Richards doesn’t need a man to ring in the new year. She’s got her successful career, a great apartment, and plans to spend the holiday with her best friend. But when she gets stuck in a snowbank, a gorgeous cop might change her mind. Matt Grayson had plans to move across the country, but when he rescues the cute blonde, he begins to wish he wasn’t leaving so soon. Fate brings them together at the same party, but will their only night together be just a memory, or the start of something new?

This book is brimming with good humor and steamy romance that is sure to keep you turning pages long into the night.


12. 'Twelve Days of Christmas' by Debbie Macomber

Julia Padden likes nearly everyone, with perhaps the exception of her standoffish neighbor Cain Maddox. No mater how hard she tries, she just cannot win him over. When Julia catches him stealing her newspaper, she decides to try killing him with kindness and starts a blog to keep track of her efforts to humanize Cain. The blog becomes a big hit, and soon Julia is melting away Cain’s gruff exterior. But can Julia tell him that she’s been chronicling their relation ship for all of the world to see?

This book is a beautifully written and festive tale of love and understanding.


13. 'A Kiss in the Snow' by Susan Mallery

Cupcake baker Nancee Smith is shocked when the man who left her at the alter walks into her kitchen, but Jesse Sheppard is done with running away at the first sign of commitment. He's back in town to make her see his new ways. Somehow the romance of Christmas in Fool’s Gold has Nancee thinking twice about Jesse, but this time around it might just be her that has cold feet.

This lighthearted holiday short story is Susan Mallery at her very best. You’ll love being back in Fool’s Gold with new characters looking for a happily ever after.


14. 'A Wrong Bed Christmas' by Kimberly Van Meter & Liz Talley

In Ignited, Kimberly Van Meter brings us the steamy story of a naked fireman and the woman he’s snowed in with. Alexis soon finds that all of her best intentions have disappeared, but finding Layton I her bed just might be the best Christmas surprise ever.

In Where There’s Smoke by Liz Talley, Emma Rose cannot believe it when her bestie’s super hot older brother lands mistakenly in her bed. The opportunity gives Emma the chance to be very naughty.

Two sexy romance reads in one book, these stories are full of witty banter and pure holiday joy.


15. 'Christmas with the Sherriff' by Victoria James

Julia Bailey is back to her beloved small town after five years away, and it isn’t easy. But the more time she spends with the irresistible sheriff who once saved her, the more she wants to forget her past and begin fresh. Single dad Chase Donovan has always loved Julia, but after her traumatic loss, he knew he had to help her leave, even if it was the last thing he wanted to do. This time around, he’s determined not to lose her.

This first book in a new series is both charming and highly emotional, packed with swoon worthy moments.


16. 'Millionaire Under the Mistletoe' by Stefanie London

Stella Jackson would rather do just about anything except return to England in the dead of winter. But to fulfill her grandfather’s dying wish, she must return to the estate he left her with the one man she wishes she could forget. Evan Foss only wants one thing from Stella—the estate. But their past makes him the last person she’ll sell to. He cannot believe his luck when she takes him up on a bet that leaves the estate as the prize, but seeing her after all these years has him rethinking his priorities.

With the backdrop of a lush English countryside covered in snow, this book is sure to get you in the holiday spirit.


17. 'Three Christmas Wishes' by Sheila Roberts

Three friends in very different life stages visit the mall Santa on a whim, all wishing for the perfect man. Saint Nick is full of mysterious predictions that leave the women wondering. Despite their misgivings, these friends are about to discover that wishes really do come true, and that maybe there is something altogether magical about the holiday season.

This sweet story will have you realizing that sometimes things really do happen for a reason.


18. 'Defying Gravity' by Kendra C. Highley

Zoey Miller lives for the holidays in her home of Aspen and the time on the mountain she spends with the Madison brothers, Parker and Luke. But this year is different. This year, she has her heart set on a romance with one of the brothers. But the one she has in mind is a known player, and the other is her best friend who knows she knows better. In fact, he knows that he’s the boy for her, and sets out to win her heart.

This adorable novel is the perfect escape from the hectic schedule of the holidays and will leave you smiling.


19. 'My Kind of Christmas' by Robyn Carr

Patrick has always been the sweet Riordan brother, although his easygoing manner is constantly tested in his career as a navy pilot. But when the tough gets going, Patrick seeks comfort in the arms of a good woman. Angie LeCroix just wants to spend the holidays quietly at home, but if her meddling uncle has anything to do with it, she’ll spend it with Patrick. Although Patrick and Angie both thought they wanted to be alone this Christmas, they now just want to be alone together.

This book has such a wonderful sense of community spirit and is equal parts emotional and funny.


20. 'Rich Rancher for Christmas' by Sarah M. Anderson

If the world knew that CJ Wesley was a Beaumont heir, the media would go wild. He’s anxious to keep his secret, and when a surprise snowstorm lands beautiful reporter Natalie Baker in his house, it’s his chance to see how much she really knows. Exposing CJ would save Natalie’s job, but it will come at the cost of a passionate connection. Which choice will lead to forever?

 w This sexy holiday story will charm you with an elusive heir and a passionate love affair.


21. 'Maybe This Time' by Jennifer Snow

After leaving her cheating NHL-star husband, Abby Jansen is done with hockey. She decides to start life over in her hometown of Glenwood Falls where nobody gossips or mentions the word “hockey.” That is, until her daughter tries out for the hockey team and Abby meets her handsome coach, Jackson Westmore. Jackson has always had a crush on Abby, and when he sees her back in town he knows he has to follow his heart.

This adorable second chance romance will leave you longing for snow and a hockey game.


22. 'Melt: Five Stories to Get Snowed In With' by various authors

Get the holidays started off on the right foot with five short stories in this amazing collection. Featuring: Rocky Mountain Meltdown by Harley Easton, Body Heat by CM Peters, Off-Season by Marie Piper, Finding Home by Sienna Saint-Cyr, and Damsel by Stephanie Bissette-Roark.

This collection has something for everyone, with romances that range from sweet to sultry.


23. 'An Officer and a Rebel' by Cindi Madsen

Police officer Nate Walsh never expected to discover his brother’s sexy—and former town rebel—ex girlfriend stranded in a snowstorm, but when he does he finds the girl he never allowed himself to want. He and Kelsey Cooper are complete opposites in every way, but despite her issues with authority figures, even Kelsey has to admit there are worse things than being stuck with a sexy man in uniform. Too bad she’s sworn off relationships for good.

If forced proximity is your favorite romance trope, look no further for one of the best ones around. This book is sexy and fun.


24. 'Her Miracle Man' by Nikki Duncan

Children’s hospital administrator Ryland Davis was instantly attracted to event planner Jennalyn James. His plans to get to know her are thwarted when Jennalyn’s younger sister is admitted to the hospital with complications from a traumatic brain injury. When she passes away, Jennalyn leaves, never to return. After the two meet at a charity event, Jennalyn agrees to come back to fulfill her sister’s last wish to plan a series of Christmas events for the kids, and over the course of A Month of Miracles, Rylan and Jennalyn find love that overcomes grief.

This book is brimming with feel good moments and miracles that will make even the biggest Scrooge grin.


25. 'True Blue Cowboy Christmas' by Nocole Helm

For the past seven years, Thack Lane has been struggling to move on after his wife’s tragic death and raise his daughter by himself. He doesn’t have time for Christmas spirit or the charming next door neighbor his daughter takes a liking to. Summer Shaw is thrilled that her neighbor’s daughter likes her and is just searching for somewhere to belong. Just when it seems that no holiday wish is strong enough to break down the walls around Thack’s heart, joy seeps in and he might just get his own Christmas miracle.

This wonderful story is set against a Christmas backdrop that will make any reader excited for the holidays.

Whether you have time to snuggle down by the fire with a full length novel or just a few moments to indulge in a quick novella between social engagements, there’s a Christmas romance just waiting for you. From sweet to scorching, these holiday books are the perfect way to celebrate the season.

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