Storyville: Revealing Character

Column by Richard Thomas
April 17, 2012 (7) comments
Here are some tips on how to reveal character through showing, not telling.

Honey, I Shrunk the MFA Application Pile: Crafting Your Statement of Purpose

April 17, 2012 (5) comments
Forget GPA, GRE, and letters of recommendation. Your Statement of Purpose is where you either get into your chosen MFA program or not.

Indie Bookstore Spotlight: Prospero's, Kansas City, MO

Column by Brandon Tietz
April 17, 2012 (1) comments
Kansas City's own indie bookstore: Prospero's is a Midwestern literary staple.

LURID: Bedeviled - The Exorcist and Other Stories of Demonic Possession

Column by Karina Wilson
April 16, 2012 (5) comments
More than 40 years after 'The Exorcist', demonic possession is still big business on the bestseller lists, at the box office, and at houses of worship across the US. Lurid looks at the devil inside.

Ask The Lit Coach: 'Is It Possible To Find A U.S. Publisher For Your Spanish Language Novel?' and More

Column by Erin Reel
April 16, 2012 (4) comments
In this issue of Ask The Lit Coach - Is it possible to find a U.S. publisher for your Spanish language novel? How can an author attract and agent and promote their book while remaining anonymous?

How to Tell a True Horror Story: Cabin In The Woods

April 13, 2012 (19) comments
If 'Cabin in the Woods' is a love letter to the horror genre, then this is a love letter to 'Cabin in the Woods.'

10 Hysterical, Sexy, Awesome, Ridiculous, Scary Book Trailers

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky
April 13, 2012 (11) comments
Book trailers are the new movie trailers. Almost. Here are some of the best of the best and the best of the worst.

Interdimensional Hit Parade: Sci-Fi Influenced Pop Music

Column by Jon Korn
April 12, 2012 (11) comments
There are good songs, there are great songs, and then there are songs that reference Kurt Vonnegut. Jon Korn explores science fiction influenced music.

The Long & Winding Road: Part II - Revision Hell!

Column by Kelly Thompson
April 12, 2012 (3) comments
Part 2 in a series chronicling my experiences with my novel, including finding an agent and submitting to publishers. Part 2 details revision hell, finding a writing group, and a renewed agent search.

The Problems of the Disassembled Narrative

Column by Jon Gingerich
April 11, 2012 (3) comments
Just because it's popular for writers to create stories with non-linear narratives, it doesn't mean it's always a good idea. More often than not, in fact, it's a recipe for disaster.