The Art Of The Rewrite

Column by Jon Gingerich
December 7, 2011 (10) comments
A true rewrite is not just editing, proofing or copy-editing, but a complete re-imagining of the work. Here’s a four-part process to fortify writers with a successful re-writing plan that works.

Six Shortcomings of Small Presses

Column by Brandon Tietz
December 6, 2011 (6) comments
Are you shopping your book around to small presses? Here's some things to keep in mind.

Ask The Lit Coach: "How Do You Find The Time To Write What You Love If You're So Busy?" and More

Column by Erin Reel
December 5, 2011 (3) comments
One writer's time and another writer's decision to approach the publishing world with either a short story collection or a novel are the focus of this week's Ask The Lit Coach.

Storyville: The Journey of "Rudy Jenkins Buries His Fears"

Column by Richard Thomas
December 5, 2011 (12) comments
The journey of a single short story can be a difficult one. Track "Rudy" on his epic voyage.

The Top 10 Best Opening Lines Of Novels

Column by Meredith Borders
December 2, 2011 (63) comments
So few books get that critical first line truly, completely right. Here are ten that do.

Themes of Pedophilia in the Works of Piers Anthony

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky
December 2, 2011 (38) comments
Fantasy novelist Piers Anthony has written close to 150 books in his lifetime. As a whole, his body of work reveals a more than passing interest in child sexuality. Is he enlightened or just creepy?

“I tell the truth, even when I lie.”: A Discussion of Unreliable Narrators

Column by Taylor Houston
December 1, 2011 (4) comments
Can your narrator be trusted?? Reliable narrators are the norm, but unreliable narrators are great to read and fun to write.

Nook, Kindle, or Kobo? Your eReader Holiday Shopping Guide

Column by Hanna Brooks Olsen
December 1, 2011 (7) comments
Whether you're shopping for your significant other, or a recent-ish college grad, an eReader may be just the gift you're looking for. Just make sure you get one that suits the recipient's needs.

Top 10 Ways To Make 'The Walking Dead' Less Stupid

Column by Rob Hart
November 30, 2011 (54) comments
'The Walking Dead' just wrapped up the first half of its second season--and unless they address the problems with its writing, I'm not going to tune back in come February.

Happy 400th, King James Bible! (and why you should care as a writer)

Column by Phil Jourdan
November 29, 2011 (7) comments
This year the King James Bible turns 400 years old. Let's look back at how this monumental book came to be, and what it has meant for the literary world.