This Is Your Permission To Write Offensive Things

Column by Peter Derk
Writing something offensive isn’t a problem. Publishing is where you have to be more careful.

Why Horror Resonates With Autistic Fans

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Horror and autistic induviduals may feel like oil and water, but they go together quite well for a variety of reasons.

2022: The Year of Intrusive Thought As High Art Literature

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Gabriel Hart gives us a peculiar listicle that unspools the zeitgeist of literature in 2022.

5 Great Original Screenplays That (Probably) Won't Get Oscar Nominations

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How to Be Really Bad at Gifting Books

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Face it: For people who love books, we really suck at this part.

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Book vs. Film: "Bones and All"

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From vegan treatise to queer parable and beyond, one version of the same narrative offers a snack, while the other provides a feast.

6 Nonfiction Titles For Nonfiction November

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7 Super-Satisfying Murder Mysteries to Read in Anticipation of "Glass Onion"

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Knives Out: Glass Onion is in theaters now. Available on Netflix in December.

Storyville: The Symbolism of the Four Seasons

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Some tips on how the seasons can service your story.