Ruminations on Humanity, Escape and Sexiness: Recent Works by Kelly Kay, Leesa Cross-Smith and Alice Kaltman

Column by Ben Tanzer
Mini reviews of "Crushing" by Kelly Kay, "This Close to Okay" by Leesa Cross-Smith and "dawg towne" by Alice Kaltman.

11 Poetic Forms Ranked

Column by Rob Blair Young
For National Poetry Month, I'm ranking eleven different types of formal poetry.

How To Write Your Novel in 20 Easy Steps

Column by Gabino Iglesias
Want to write a novel? Here's the definitive guide, the best guide ever, the only guide you need to get it done!

Why You Didn't Finish Your Novel During COVID

Column by Peter Derk
You didn't finish your novel during the most locked down, least social point in modern history? Join the club.

Remembering Wanda Coleman: The Unofficial Poet Laureate of Los Angeles

Column by Gabriel Hart
A look back on the trailblazing Black Sparrow Press poet who proved more daring than Bukowski.

Don't Fear the Short Story

Column by Joshua Isard
Aspiring novelist need to see the short story as an important part of their growth as writers.

Five Books To Optimize Workflow And Avoid Burnout

Column by Andrea J. Johnson
Five writer productivity books that emphasize stress reduction and creative renewal.

Critical Analysis: The Key Skill High School Kills

Column by Rob Blair Young
April 16, 2021 (4) comments
Many students are stuck in "high school thinking" that prevents real critical analysis. In this article I define what that means, identify where students go wrong, and speculate on why this happens.

Why Bad Writers Are Good Mentors

Column by Peter Derk
You don't need a superstar writer to be your mentor. You need a superstar mentor.

How My Father and I Bonded Over Thieves’ World

Column by Jay Wilburn
Thieves' World is a fantasy anthology series that ran from 1979 to 1989 and again in the 2000s. It is also the last thing my father and I bonded over.