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Hi everyone! Hope I'm posting this correctly. . . I'm not much experienced with discussion boards and such, but I'm broadening my horizons and hence one of the several of my reasons for "being" here! I've spent the last 15 years traveling as an international school teacher and have lived in northern Alaska, Thailand, Taiwan, the Marianas islands, etc. . . I recently returned to the US about a year and a half ago and am trying to settle in regardless of the unsettling nature of the times here. . . I've also spent years and years filling up random notebooks with practice freewrites and such based on Natalie Goldberg's suggestions, but have never really managed to apply my writing to anything finished or concrete. I very much lately feel the need to do something besides noodle on the page and have also very much lately very much realized the importance of support and community in the writing practice. I have lots of diffuse and vague ideas at times and am pondering working out some of my ideas visually through digital art and through sound production utilizing keyboard and drum synths. I'm really intrigued by this particular community because I sense commitment and serious application in the posts I've read and the discussions I've dipped into, so I'm looking forward to connecting with everyone! 

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Welcome! If you haven't had the chance yet, check out the workshop and craft essays. Those provide some really good resources for someone looking to make the jump from personal writing to sharing and critiquing and all that. 

Poke around, see what interests you, and don't be afraid to start a thread if you've got a question about anything reading/writing related. Or not related.