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CJ Roberts from Salem, MA is reading goodreads.com/cjroberts_dmm October 7, 2011 - 12:22pm

I have been beating myself up trying to find a useful, interesting, or entertaining discussion to break in here and make friends. As well as gaining coveted achievements for my shelf. Thus far I've discarded everything. Fear, anxiety, second guessing and the redundancy protocols of self-editing have transfixed me to stagnation. Nothing. So from that nothing I thought I would tell a story, thus the name. Of course when I sat here to tell you a story I failed again and tumbled into blank pages. So I decided I would say in 140 characters or less why I became I writer or at least in twitter fashion describe the catalyst. I hope by this thread to gain further 140 piece stories of self enlightenment.


"Betrayal, Prophecy and Romance. They shine like brooches on my skin. A path of shadows and muses has led me here. Awakenings by tarot light."

or perhaps more succintly:

"After she left it was the Oracle who kept me from eating bullets. I wrote to kill the pain until one day I wrote because I loved to write."

They are both in or under 140.

Your turn.



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Liana from Romania and Texas is reading Naked Lunch October 7, 2011 - 12:40pm

CJ that's a cool idea! I love your first Twitter story, very concentrated metapors. The second one contains an idea that is a bit more expected, but well done.


Here's my attempt (didn't count the characters but I emulated the length of yours).


There once was a city without a living soul in it. Yet every building had a soul. With their windows, they looked at each other. The theater was in love with the gas station. It knew it wouldn't last.

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Liana from Romania and Texas is reading Naked Lunch October 8, 2011 - 8:42am

Another one, for my own amusement:


There were two political parties that could never agree. They could not agree if the sun should rise and who should fund it. The sun never rose again.