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Kacie Cunningham from Indiana is reading too much to keep this updated August 19, 2015 - 11:49am

I have a finished MS, just under 85k words. It's a women's fiction piece, about a young woman who suddenly loses her son and husband to a fatal car accident, and then, half-mad with grief, moves into a van and becomes a bit of a vagabond. 

I'm interested in swapping or putting together a group with finished or nearly-finished WIP's or MS's. It's hard to get a full novel critiqued in the group because so many people don't want to jump in mid-book or read the back chapters to get caught up, so hopefully this will be a way to form a critique group.

In my case, I'll critique just about anything, I dont necessarily prefer to stay in my own genre. I like to read all different kinds of things, so if you have a finished MS and want to swap in order to get a full critique (including a full, Microsoft comment LBL), please reply here or message me :)