How and Why I Built a Bookselling Monster

Yes, a literal bookselling monster. Named Archivos.
Leah Rhyne

That Time I Ran a Virtual Literary Festival (and Lived to Tell the Tale)

Many literary festivals went virtual in 2020 (& likely will do so for the first part of 2021). This is a first-hand account of why my organization did it, how we did it, & how we (barely) survived.
Max Booth III

A History of Live Readings Featuring Max Booth III

I am lonely and miss performing for people. Let's take a trip down memory lane.
Gabino Iglesias

10 Tips for a Superb Reading

Reading your work in public matters. A lot. Here's how to do it right.

Good Oral: Telling Stories Out Loud

Read this before you jump on a stage and launch into your best story.
Steph Post

The Dos and Don'ts of Book Tour: An Author's Survival Guide

Honest, real advice for making it through your first book tour.
Suzy Vitello, LitReactor Instructor

Book Launches, Portland Style

Suzy Vitello, aka "the den mom," knows how to throw a great book party. After all, she was taught by the master of the literary festivus, Chuck Palahniuk. Need some ideas for your own launch? Read on.
George Cotronis

10 Author Tips for Con Appearances

Tips and advice for a pleasant convention experience.
Leah Rhyne

How to Survive Your First Live Reading or Book Selling Event

In late June, I survived my first ever live, public reading event....and you can too! Here's how I did it.
Brandon Tietz

Book Readings: Bar vs. Bookstore

Two readings: one book store, one bar. Which was better? Well, it depends on if you prefer alcohol or silence more.
Keith Rawson

My First (Kinda, Sorta) Book Signing

Keith Rawson talks up his recent author appearances with Johnny Shaw, Joe Lansdale, Owen Laukkanen, and James Sallis.
Brandon Tietz

The Art of the Live Reading

Why is live reading important and how do you do it? LitReactor tackles the subject.
Chuck Palahniuk

Reading Out Loud – Part One

Lots of things that look smart on the page fall apart in the auditorium. Discover the numerous reasons Chuck writes for the ear as well as the eye, along with how to make the most of live reading opportunities.
Chuck Palahniuk

Reading Out Loud – Part Two

All humans are storytellers and every fiction is veiled autobiography. Learn to explore and exhaust your personal issues by creating something bigger than yourself, and don't miss Chuck's ingenious assignment for personalizing your character's perception of time.