Accio Times A Million: Harry Potter's #1 Collector

Menahem Asher Silva Vargas and his collection

Guinness confirmed that the largest collection of Harry Potter memorabilia in the world belongs to Menahem Asher Silva Vargas, a lawyer in Mexico. Vargas trampled the previous record of 800 pieces when he unveiled his collection of 3000.

Vargas shows off his collection in a video over at The Telegraph (linked via the UK paper's YouTube below).

The responses to the collection range from a clinical examination of the items by a Guinness official to the slightly more opinionated "Congratulations, Nerd: Here's the World's #1 Harry Potter Junk Collector." And comments tend to sway between condensing the pointlessness of collecting to the old saw, "He's not hurting anyone, so who cares?" Also of crucial importance, the comment "Let's not get all condescending and patronus the guy, now."

We've been told (by a large number of very nice people attempting to comfort me) that this is the age of the nerd. So what is it about this particular shade of geek that seems to be irking people? Is it that the days of Harry Potter have passed? Is it because we like nerds when they're presenting themselves, but we don't want to enter the inner sanctum? What's going on here?

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