Amazon Can Fix Your Toilet

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Amazon Can Fix Your Toilet

You're reading your Kindle in the bath tub. Reading a book you bought from Amazon, surrounded by the shower curtain you bought on Amazon, smelling a candle you also bought on Amazon.

I'm jealous of the hypothetical bathroom situation I've just created.

Anyway, you're in your Amazon-furnished cocoon, when you pull the drain plug and the water...just stays where it is. You need a plumber. Who do you call?

Nobody. You get on Amazon.

Amazon has expanded their offerings to hooking people up with major services in their area.

Ideally it works like this: you look up a plumber on Amazon who's been vetted, they list a price that you pay ahead of time, through Amazon, and then the plumber comes on over, unclogs the drain, and then you part ways.

Most of us know the pain of calling, say, an electrician while having no idea what the whole deal might cost. Amazon's system of getting things paid ahead of time definitely has potential.

The minus...well, if this succeeds, an exterminator may need to do more than exterminate. They might have to sell themselves, too. A struggle familiar to a lot of authors out there.

More importantly, one of pornography's most-used scenarios to get two people in a room together will be forever changed.

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