Animating The Prophecies Of Douglas Adams

Animating The Prophecies Of Douglas Adams

Via The Literary Platform

If the mere existence of The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy is not enough to convince you that Douglas Adams was a frickin' genius, please note that the man predicted the rise of eBooks back in 1993. Yes, 1993. CERN had just announced that the world wide web would be free for everyone, but nobody cared because "what is that?" and also because we were too busy watching Jurassic Park, wearing flannel shirts, and marveling over the first bagless vacuum cleaner. Meanwhile, Adams was recording "Getting The Book Invented Properly," a prophetic audio essay that predicted something that would be "everything you liked about books, scrunched up into silicon or something."

The Literary Platform had the absolutely lovely idea of holding an international contest to ask animators to provide video to accompany Adams's audio, and the results are as fantastic as you might expect. Adams's pal Stephen Fry and the competition's other judges announced the winner over the weekend on Towel Day, a fan-created annual tribute to Adams, who passed away in 2001. The winner was a stop-motion robot video by Eleanor Stokes, a self-taught animator from Eugene, Oregon, who won an iPad and a "Don't Panic" towel for her trouble.

But there are plenty of other entries worth watching. You can suck away a huge portion of your day checking out the other finalist videos, including People's Choice winner Johanna Aulén. Among my favorites is this gem from UK designer, illustrator, and runner-up Gavin Edwards.

Does it surprise/impress you that Adams saw this whole eBook revolution coming back in 1993?

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