Bloomsday Device: Celebrating The 90th Anniversary Of Ulysses

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Bloomsday Device: Celebrating The 90th Anniversary Of Ulysses

Via NY Daily News:

Finally: drinking and dancing in the name of literature. This Saturday, book nerds all over the world will celebrate in honor of the Irish writer James Joyce, staging recreations of scenes from the book in Dublin and giving dramatic readings in pubs, theaters, and bookstores. If you've neglected to read the novel and have no idea what the event's name is all about, Bloomsday comes from the protagonist of Ulysses, Leopold Bloom, and his odyssey that took place on June 16th in Dublin, Ireland, in 1904.

While it might have only started as another reason for Dubliners to get hammered and party, Joyce-mania has spread across the world. In America, Symphony Space in New York has presented "Bloomsday on Broadway" for 31 years; you can catch this year's performance live online. Also, there will be a reading of part of "Ulysses" by Alec Baldwin, Wallace Shawn, and others at Pacifica Radio; at seven hours long, it's still only a portion of the text.

You can find the nearest Ulysses party at this site.

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Sunday, June 17, 12:01 a.m.

Went on a personal odyssey yesterday. May write it up someday as an encylopedic rendering of my hometown.