Book Clubs Delay Inevitable Death


Want to save your life? Join a book club.

That's being a bit dramatic, but there's new research that shows being involved in a social group, like a book club, can actually extend your life. Especially after you retire, and especially in the first six years following retirement. Most of us have probably watched a loved one decline rapidly after retirement, and this new research suggests the post-retirement decline is all about the problems of being socially isolated. The best solution? A book club.

Who knew the answer to defying death was in hanging out with a bunch of old people, drinking wine, and chatting about books?

Maybe this has something to do with the rise of different kinds of book clubs too, like walking book clubs, knitting book clubs, and breakdance book clubs. I made up one of those. But if you're interested, it doesn't have to remain imaginary forever.

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