Fulfill Your Bookish Dream of Running a Bookstore

Fulfill Your Bookish Dream of Running a Bookstore
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For those who fantasize about spending their life immersed in books, look no further: AirBnB has listed the opportunity of a lifetime, reports The Guardian. Become a bookseller for a week, and learn what it is to make a living off the written word.

For the low price of £150 (roughly $174), a Wigtown, Scotland bookstore called The Open Book is offering all interested parties the chance to run the shelves over the course of a holiday retreat. Those who accept the challenge will be expected to hock books for 40 hours a week while living in a flat above the shop.

Wigtown, Scotland is famed for being the country’s “national book town.” The winner of this amazing opportunity will be given training by Wigtown’s community of booksellers, and will have the chance to give the bookshop their own personal mark while there.

According to the AirBnB listing, “the bookshop residency’s aim is to celebrate bookshops, encourage education in running independent bookshops and welcome people around the world to Scotland’s national booktown.”

The Open Book has allowed volunteers access to this opportunity for a while now, but recently decided to open the prospect to the public with its AirBnB listing, which the bookstore calls “the first ever bookshop holiday experience.”

“As a bookseller, you are available to the world, and people come by for business and also just to connect,” states the bookshop’s most recent owners. “There is no division between personal life and business life, it all flows together as one.”

Would you take on the challenge of running a bookshop for a week?

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PaulyGinsberg's picture
PaulyGinsberg from Seattle is reading The Rapture of the Nerds: A tale of the singularity, posthumanity, and awkward social situations August 24, 2015 - 11:47am

I wonder how much of a"personal stamp" they are OK with? I've always wanted to run   a bookshop just like Bernard Black did.

Chacron's picture
Chacron from England, South Coast is reading Fool's Assassin by Robin Hobb August 25, 2015 - 3:28pm

I'll seriously consider doing this sometime... Scotland's only 400 odd miles away from me....and the price of it is less than I spent on my last book cover!