HarperCollins Announces New Teen-Focused Digital Imprint

Harper Teen Impulse

Anyone who thought the "teen craze" in literature was dying out, think again. Yesterday, HarperCollins unveiled their new digital imprint HarperTeen Impulse, which will focus on short stories and novellas for young adult readers. According to GalleyCat eBooks will release every Tuesday-- or, "Impulse Tuesday," as the publisher calls it-- and will range anywhere from $0.99 to $2.99, ensuring parents everywhere will now have to worry about rising Impulse buys on top of iTunes and App Store purchases.

This propensity to spend and consume media on mobile devices wasn't lost on HarperCollins. Leslie Kaufman of The New York Times writes:

Susan Katz, president and publisher of HarperCollins Children’s Books, said readers of this genre were particularly open to downloading content and reading on electronic screens.

'Readers of Y.A. have embraced digital reading in a big way,' Ms. Katz said. 'We're seeing short-form content becoming more popular in the digital marketplace, and HarperTeen Impulse allows us to experiment with new concepts and deliver content quickly.'

The first batch of eBooks are now available through Epic Reads, Harpers' in-house, YA-focused retailer. You can also purchase them through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. The two titles are companions to popular YA properties: "Breathless" by Sophie Jordan, set in the same universe as her Firelight series, and "A Dance with Darkness," a prequel to Courtney Allison Moulton's Angelfire novels. I'm pretty unfamiliar with these authors and books, so if anyone in-the-know wants to clue us in with comments, that'd be super.

I'm generally of the opinion that any attempt to promote literacy and reading is noble, and this is no exception. Introducing younger readers to short forms of writing is definitely a plus. What does everyone else think?

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