Harvard Book Store Encourages People To Buy Where They Browse

Harvard Bookstore video asks book-buyers to stop showrooming

via Galleycat

Harvard Book Store has put together a cute little video encouraging people to stop using bookstores as a place to find things to buy on Amazon. 

It's called showrooming, and it's not cool. In short, showrooming involves going into a bookstore, browsing through the stacks, making a list of the stuff you want, and then buying it through Amazon.

Which, fine. Nobody's saying you can't shop on Amazon. But doing it in front of the people who work in the store, that's just a slap in the face--you're rubbing in the fact that they just lost a sale. 

I bet people who showroom are the same people who text during movies. 

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jessi.rae's picture
jessi.rae from Fayetteville WV is reading Out of Oz January 12, 2012 - 12:36pm

This is seriously the worst! I worked in a bookstore that went out of business (RIP Borders), and people would do this frequently, often in search of a better price. I'm a big fan of "wish lists" so if I'm in a book store (or any store really) and find somethig I like but can't get right away, I'll make a note of it so I can come back for it later.

Although, I'm skeptical about the influence of videos like this, I hope that some people will alter their behavior. I feel like this is a factor in bookstores going out of business. Oh yes, an earlier article about why bookstores are failing, because people who read see them as a way to meet other readers, right? Yes, bookstores are a great way to meet other readers, but they are also a great place to buy the things we love. That's what they're for, and we should use them!