Inkvite - New Collaborative Fiction App for iPhones

Inkvite - Collaborative Fiction App for iPhones

Ever done a collaboration? Flash fiction? Worked with someone else to put a story together? No? Don’t play well with others? Well, this might get you to change your mind. A new ‘collaborative flash fiction’ app for iPhones called Inkvite has introduced a new way to collaborate with friends or complete strangers on fiction of whatever length.

This is how it works: you sign in with Twitter or Facebook, choose the genre and length of the story, and "inkvite" up to four co-writers – friends or strangers. The antisocial have the option to "solo write". Then, the best bit, especially for the imaginatively challenged: an automatic title generator. This is how I ended up co-writing a romance story called "The Defective View". You write up to 280 characters, press submit, then your co-author gets a notification that it's their turn. The literary ping-pong goes on till the story is finished. If you're especially proud of your effort you can put it in a library, where other people read and rate it.

I have to say I agree with Anna Baddeley from the Observer — calling something ‘collaborative flash fiction’ leaves me cold, but I’ll give it a go. She made me laugh, though, wondering if it’ll prove more entertaining for writers than the readers!

Why not try it yourself and let us know what you think?

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