John Green: Author, Internet Celebrity, Race Car Driver

John Green: Author, Internet Celebrity, Race Car Driver

John Green, known for funny books about sad stuff, traded in his pen for a Corvette yesterday. Which is a pretty awesome trade if you ask me.

In a very unlikely industry crossover, John Green will be driving the pace car for the Angie's List Grand Prix in Indianapolis next month.

The author and vlogger took a couple practice laps with his wife, and it was an emotional experience for him:

[my wife] looked over at me at one point and said, 'Are you crying?' And I said, 'A little'."

Turns out, Green is a huge IndyCar fan. He even participates in a fantasy league.

If you ever meet John Green and you're not sure what to talk about, IndyCar might be a great way to go. Here are some suggested phrases, based on info from the IndyCar web site:

Isn't it amazing how IndyCar is the first and only motorsport to embrace ethanol, which burns cleaner, resulting in less pollution released into the environment?

How about that 3M Wheel Weight System, constructed of non-lead composite materials for reduced environmental impact?

I just read that the first rear-view mirror was created for the Indianapolis 500. Also, I love you.

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