Mark Z. Danielewski Wants Your Cat Pictures! Also, Sketchy New Details On 'The Familiar'

Mark Z. Danielewski Wants Your Cat Pictures!

Finally, your cat gets some long-deserved attention.

An admin on the forums over at Mark Z. Danielewski's web site has put out a call for cat photos. If you submit a pic of your clawed companion, it might just end up in Danielewski's newest project, The Familiar.

Danielewski is best known for House of Leaves, the genre-defying mind-bender of a book that is easily one of the best haunted house stories ever told. He has since followed up with the teenage love story Only Revolutions and a second novel of experimental horror, The Fifty Year Sword.

His newest project, The Familiar, is set to be released in 27 volumes. The publication dates have moved around a bit, but there's currently a stub listing for it on Amazon with a release date of May 2015. It also lists the subtitle as One Rainy Day in May and a page count of 880 pages! Is this only the first volume? Who knows?!

More importantly, if you get your cat pics sent ASAP, you can make your cat a star!

The guidelines, as posted in the forums:

1 - Scan the front and the back of the image and e-mail it to

Feel free to write something on the back of the photo. You may include the cat’s name, your name, a date and a short phrase (though keep in mind that we may exclude the photo depending on the phrase). If the photo is digital, you may create a handwritten digital back side. Just remember, handwriting is key. And the photo should feature the cat only.

Please make sure each image is at least 1 MB in size but no larger than 5 MB (JPG, TIF and PDF formats accepted).

2 - Please print, fill out, sign and scan both pages of the attached (PDF) contract and send it along with your photo so we will have permission to use it. (If you cannot download the PDF, please scroll down the page for JPG versions.)

Deadline: ASAP!


Head over to the forums to get the contract. If you aren't a member, scroll down a few posts and you'll find a printable JPEG version. Cats love important business contracts.

And of course, feel free to share what you send.

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