New Book Social Media Site 'BookLikes' Now Open

New Book Social Media Site 'BookLikes'

Earlier this week, a brand new social network for book lovers opened its doors. Called BookLikes, it works a bit like GoodReads, in that you can add books onto various shelves—'Read,' 'Planning to read,' or 'Currently reading.' You also have the option to create customized shelves, like 'Books I own' or 'Books I'd like to own,' for instance. BookLikes' search bar is powered by Amazon, so there's a handy buy link on the books you look up as well.

The biggest difference between this and the many similar sites out there: BookLikes is geared more toward book blogging and reviews. When you sign up, your Dashboard page features a slew of Tumblr-style posts from various users, who you can decide to follow or hide. I saw a few internet-mandated gifs and pithy blurbs, but this Literary Explorations person offers some astute analysis of book covers and classic reads, so it seems there's some quality there.

GalleyCat posted an excerpt from the site founder's press release:

BookLikes is a blog platform designed particularly for people interested in books, with functions dedicated to readers which makes it a better choice for book bloggers than other platforms, e.g. Blogspot, Tumblr or WordPress. The service makes it possible to easily share book reviews using specially designed templates. Users can look for books from the largest bookstores from all over the world, connect books with their writing and shelve them on a personal virtual bookshelf.

What does everyone think? Will you give BookLikes a try, or are you already drowning in social media, and you'd really just like to get back to work on that novel?

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jyh from VA is reading whatever he feels like May 19, 2013 - 6:22am

It'd be cool if I could import all my information from every other website I've ever been to, along with everything I ever thought and said in real life, along with everything anyone has ever said or thought about me both online and in real life.