New Web Tool Aggregates Free eBooks

Freebook Sifter

We like free stuff, yeah? 'Cause we're all poor, being writers, amirite?

Well, Freebook Sifter is here to help you keep your eReader or tablet stocked with books while those pants pockets are turned out. The online tool quite literally sifts through free books available on Amazon and collects them in one easy-to-see database. You can sort by genre and language too, and get daily email alerts.

Here's more from AppNewser's Dianna Dilworth:

The site pulls from more than 3,000 free Amazon eBooks. They update their database daily, so that you won’t end up seeing a book that was free a few days ago, but is no longer free and so that you can see new freebies.

Neat, huh? I particularly dig the frequent updating, because there's nothing more frustrating than clicking on a free book, only to discover it ain't free anymore.

And here's a bonus tip: check out They offer a ton of daily freebies and discounted books for Amazon, iBooks and a host of other providers. You can receive alerts via email, Twitter or Facebook, and you can filter out genres you don't want to see.

Any other free book aggregators you'd like to share?

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Amanda Roberts's picture
Amanda Roberts from Hunan, China is reading American Gods August 6, 2013 - 8:00pm

Awesome! I was going through Twitter feeds every day looking for free books, but this is so much better. Thanks for sharing!

googleplus's picture
googleplus October 22, 2014 - 12:18pm

nice post and thanks a lot for the free amazon gift card codes