Occupy Wall Street: The Coloring Book!

Occupy Coloring Book

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You guys remember that marketing bit in Spaceballs?  C'mon, you know you do.

Merchandising, merchandising, where the real money from the movie is made. Spaceballs the T-shirt, Spaceballs the Coloring Book, Spaceballs the Lunch box, Spaceballs the Breakfast Cereal, Spaceballs the Flame Thrower.

Hold up, Yogurt.  Did you say coloring book?  I like the sound of these coloring books you speak of, but can't I get one for this cause that me and my little pals are participating in?  Maybe you've heard of it: The Occupy Movement!

It's time to put the signs down and bust out the crayons.  Yes, there is now a coloring book based on the Occupy movement that's currently choking my news feed.  Stay inside the lines, this is 36-pages of tear gas, police barriers, and economic debate.  Well, not really.  Wayne Bell, the publisher, is saying they aren't taking any sort of position on the issue, although they do include quotations from many prominent figures: Obama, Hannity, and O'Reilly, just to name a few.  It's one of those "we'll let the reader decide who's right" kind of coloring books, so you can feel free to make the police uniforms pink and piss yellow if you want.

You can get more info about the book and make your purchase by going HERE.

And just in case you missed it, you can read up on the Occupy Wall Street book (not for coloring) by going HERE.

So what's the next bit of merch to be released? iPhone skins? Collectable Occupy trading cards? Perhaps a line of bobbleheads?

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Sarah Metts's picture
Sarah Metts from Rock Hill, SC is reading A Game of Thrones November 3, 2011 - 6:45pm

All I can think about is Gansta Rap Coloring Book...the only connection being it is a coloring book as well...I think that is the only connection

Joshua Chaplinsky's picture
Joshua Chaplinsky from New York is reading a lot more during the quarantine November 3, 2011 - 7:03pm

My favorite coloring book is THE CUNT COLORING BOOK. I did you all a favor and refrained from imbedding a picture. Link probably NSFW, unless you work in a gynecologist's office.

When I worked at B. Dalton back in the day (which, incidentally, is how a met a certain web master), I used to special order this under my friends' names. Store policy was you had to call the customer when the order came in, but couldn't tell people what the book was, in case it was a gift. Invariably some poor sucker would be like, I don't remember ordering any book, and wind up coming in to get it and getting really embarrassed. Those were the halcyon days.

Xander Davis's picture
Xander Davis from Downtown Tycho, The Moon is reading Casino Royale / Tomorrow Now November 4, 2011 - 12:56am


Dean Blake's picture
Dean Blake from Australia is reading generationend.com November 5, 2011 - 12:08am

Haha that's great! I've always wanted to colour some famous folks in yellow. The Cunt Colouring book looks interesting too.