SCARE US! - These Stories Can Use Some Reviews

SCARE US! - These Stories Can Use Some Reviews

Last week we asked everyone to continue reviewing the 156 submissions in the SCARE US! workshop. 

Well, today I’m thrilled to report that every single story has received at least one review.  That's some very awesome devotion from you all right there.  Still, one review does not a proper consensus make!  Your fellow writers still need your thoughts and notes. 

Here’s a few stories that could use some more love:

Many thanks to our dedicated reviewers, including Jonathan Riley, Liana, and Jeff. These guys have really stepped up the reviews lately.  Keep up the good work over the next couple of weeks.

You can always check out the These Stories Need A Few Readers column to the right of the SCARE US! main page of submissions for a list of stories with less than three reviews.  Otherwise, keep your eyes open for those slightly neglected stories. 

Anyone can rate and review stories, even if you didn't submit a story yourself.  No one is left out of this process.  We all know that no one critiques like a writer.  The feedback you give your fellow aspiring writers is invaluable.  Workshops operate like karma, the more you give, the more you get.  If you'd like more reviews yourself, take the time to rate some other stories.  The favor will often be returned!

Need incentive to review?

  • You’re a writer!  You’re supposed to like this.
  • You’re a reader!  You’re supposed to like this.
  • You’re a jerk!  You love pointing out other’s flaws.
  • You’re a nice person!  You love pointing out other’s coups.
  • You’re greedy!  You love the idea of potential vague rewards.
  • You’re an attention whore!  You want your name featured in a news post.

Remember to rate and review as much as you can over the next two weeks.  The deadline for all reviews is August 15th!  We genuinely appreciate all of our selfless reviewers.  And we at LitReactor love to show our appreciation with fun and tangible things.  So what are you waiting for?

Read & Review Some Stories!

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