12 Days of Deadpool Begins

12 Days of Deadpool Begins

News by Raine Winters
Ryan Reynolds, please don’t play with our hearts like this!
Sweet Or Low: The Novel That Ads Built

Sweet or Low: The Novel That Ads Built

News by Peter Derk November 3, 2014
Is Hillary Carlip's new project full of sweet highs, or is it all artificial lows?

Facebook Advertising: Is It Worth It?

Column by Brandon Tietz March 20, 2014
One author's experiment to obtain more Facebook "likes" using his own money.
Charmin Bear with The Metamorphosis

Franz Kafka Name-Dropped In A Toilet Paper Commercial

News by Christopher Shultz
If you're a fuzzy animated Charmin bear, you like your bathroom reading heady and strange.
Shhhhhh! This is a library!

Super Bowl Ad Destroys Library

News by Dean Fetzer February 5, 2013
Ads during the big game have a reputation to uphold and if you were watching it, you probably saw a library get demolished — in an ad for Oreos.
LitReactor Store

Just In Time For The Holidays: The LitReactor Shop Is Open For Business!

News by Rob Hart November 30, 2012
Dig on our t-shirts and mugs. DIG ON THEM! And if you're an indie author with a book to sell, we've got something here for you, too...
eBook Hologram

HarperCollins to Include Ads in eBooks

News by Brandon Tietz November 11, 2011
HarperCollins will be including ads in their factual books. Would Don Draper approve?