Bookshots: 'Borne' by Jeff VanderMeer

Bookshots: 'Borne' by Jeff VanderMeer

Review by Max Booth III April 25, 2017
Giant flying bears!

'Ex Machina' and the Reinvention of the Femme Fatale

Column by Christopher Shultz June 4, 2015
Alex Garland's directorial debut isn't just science fiction, it's also film noir. While this pairing isn't new, the femme fatale definitely is.
Alex Garland Ex Machina

Author Alex Garland Is Now A Film Director

News by Joshua Chaplinsky October 30, 2014
The official teaser trailer for 'Ex Machina', the directorial debut of Alex Garland, is now online.

Three Books About... Beaches

Column by Cath Murphy
Buckets and spades. Donkey rides. Tangled deckchairs. Sand in your sandwiches. We all love the beach, and the authors of these three books are no exception.

10 Reasons Why Dredd Is The Best Comic Book Movie Of 2012 You Didn't See

Column by Kelly Thompson February 7, 2013
In a year with box office busting comic book films like "The Avengers" and "The Dark Knight Rises," it was tough to be the little guy, but "Dredd" has real staying power and here's why...
The Beach

From Page To Screen: David Sedaris, Norman Mailer, 'The Beach,' and More

News by Kimberly Turner
Today in 'From Page To Screen': The first Sedaris film, HBO's fascinating Norman Mailer story, Garland's 'The Beach' as a TV series, Easton Ellis loses 'Fifty Shades,' and Jennifer Lawrence cashes in.

LURID: Beach Blanket Boogeymen

Column by Karina Wilson July 3, 2012
Packing for your long-dreamed-about summer vacay? You might want to take heed of some of these cautionary reads before you get on the plane.