Amazon Under Fire For Selling eBook About Sex Tourism

Amazon Under Fire For Selling eBook About Sex Tourism

News by Rob Hart August 3, 2012
A group that fights child trafficking and exploitation successfully lobbied Amazon to remove a self-published eBook about age of consent laws around the world.
Customer Ratings vs. Professional Reviews

Amazon Customer Ratings vs. Professional Book Critics

News by Kimberly Turner May 17, 2012
A new Harvard study reveals the wisdom of Amazon customer reviews and the biases of professional book critics.

Are Audiobooks Preparing to Overtake Ebooks?

Column by Joe Daly May 17, 2012
While lit snobs pontificate the primacy of tree meat or eBooks, the once-peaceful world of audiobooks has devolved into an all-out street brawl between producers, publishers and authors.
Amazon announces the most well-read cities

Literate Locations: Amazon Announces The Most Well-Read Cities

News by Dave Reuss May 16, 2012
The list is out. Did your town make it in?
Pagie M. Gutenborg

Could A Printing Press Save Independent Book Stores?

News by Kimberly Turner May 15, 2012
Harvard Book Store's in-house printing press gives customers instant access to millions of out-of-print, rare, and public domain books. Is it the great equalizer in the Amazon vs. indie retailers war?

The Top 10 Best Books... With The Worst Amazon Customer Reviews

Column by Meredith Borders May 11, 2012
Even the most critically acclaimed novels of all time aren't safe from a scathing Amazon customer review!

My Kindle Experiment: What A Month And Change Can Teach You

Column by Hanna Brooks Olsen April 30, 2012
Amazon may be on everyone's naughty list this year, but they're still the easiest game in town when it comes to self-publishing and selling your book. You just have to work the kinks out, first.
Amazon to re-release James Bond novels

Amazon Scores Huge Coup; Procures Rights To Entire James Bond Series

News by Rob Hart April 18, 2012
Amazon's Thomas & Mercer imprint will re-release the classic spy series in eBook and physical formats, with a deal that covers the next ten years.
the DOJ's lawsuit continues

The Fallout Continues: DOJ Lawsuit Means Amazon Will Slash eBook Prices; States Sue For Restitution

News by Rob Hart April 12, 2012
Amazon is preparing to slash eBook prices so it can sell more Kindles and lock in customers. Meanwhile, state attorneys general are looking for restitution on overpriced eBooks.
Department of Justice will sue Apple

UPDATE: U.S. Department Of Justice Is Suing Apple And Publishers Over eBook Pricing

News by Rob Hart
Looks like settlement talks have collapsed--the Department of Justice is suing Apple and five of the Big Six publishers for colluding on eBook pricing, charging that the agency model is anti-consumer.
Does Amazon Studios take advantage of writers?

Amazon Wants To Get Into The Movie Business, But Is That Good Or Bad For Writers?

News by Rob Hart
Amazon is soliciting scripts, pitches and test movies, with an eye toward developing content--but there are questions about whether the program takes advantage of writers.
espanol eBooks

Amazon Opens Spanish-Language eBook Store Con Todos Los Libros Para Nora Roberts

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen April 5, 2012
Rejoice, Spanish speaking individuals! Amazon has finally rolled out an all-Español Kindle section, complete with trashy Harlequin novels and English classics like 'Pride and Prejudice.'
The Kindle store is broken...

UPDATED: Amazon Kindle Store In Throes Of Huge Outage

News by Rob Hart March 27, 2012
For nearly an hour today, you couldn't buy any eBooks from Amazon. Considering they control a lion's share of the market, they just lost a lot of sales--and maybe some faith from the consumer?
France Considers A Tax On Amazon

France Considers A Tax On Amazon To Protect Indie Bookstores

News by Rob Hart March 22, 2012
The French Ministry of Culture is proposing a tax on digital stores like Amazon--with plans to pass the money to smaller, struggling companies, like indie bookstores.

My Kindle Experiment: How Easy Is Amazon's Self-Publishing Platform?

Column by Hanna Brooks Olsen March 21, 2012
Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing makes profiting from a book or novel seem ridiculously easy. I've got an unpublished manuscript that I'm willing to sacrifice, so let's see just how simple this is.
 Is Amazon Killing Literature

Friday Discussion: Is Amazon Killing Literature By Selling Tons Of Books?

News by Rob Hart March 16, 2012
J.A. Konrath and Barry Eisler dissect the Authors Guild response to the Justice Department's proposed eBooks lawsuit. It is very interesting.
Sales Of Kindle Singles Pass 2 Million

Sales Of Kindle Singles Pass 2 Million

News by Rob Hart
Amazon's Kindle Singles program has moved 2 million units in 14 months, raising the question of whether we should be impressed.
Amazon pulls IPG Kindle Titles

Amazon Digitally Stomps Its Foot, Pulls 5,000 Kindle Titles Over Contract Terms With IPG

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen February 23, 2012
Amazon continues to strong-arm its way into improved sales at the cost of small publishers. They should go pick on someone their own size but... there really isn't anyone left.
Amazon's Retail Store

Amazon Is Opening An Actual, Real-Life Brick-and-Mortar Store

News by Hanna Brooks Olsen February 6, 2012
No longer content with putting real stores out of business as an online-only company, it seems Amazon has decided to spring for the overhead and open an actual store. Could it be true?
Barnes and Noble to Amazon: F You

Barnes and Noble to Amazon: F You

News by John Jarzemsky February 1, 2012
Barnes and Noble have decided not to stock Amazon published books on store shelves.
Is ePublishing The Next Bubble Industry?

Is ePublishing The Next Bubble Industry?

News by Rob Hart January 31, 2012
Scottish writer Ewan Morrison says the current rush to ePublish is like the dot-com bubble--and it's only a matter of time before it bursts.
Publishing Industry Afraid Of A Future Without Barnes & Noble

Publishing Industry Afraid Of A Future Without Barnes & Noble

News by Rob Hart January 30, 2012
The big publishing houses are watching Barnes & Noble with crossed-fingers--if the big-box bookseller falls victim to Amazon, it could mean bad things for the publishing industry.
Jan Brewer berates President; sales on book skyrocket

Arizona Governor's Book Surges After She Berates President Obama

News by Rob Hart January 27, 2012
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer got into an argument with President Obama, a tiff that propelled her book from 285,568 to 21 in the Amazon sales rankings--an increase of 1,350,000 percent.
Erotica Section of Amazon Rife with Plagiarism

Is Nothing Sacred? Self-Published Erotica Section of Amazon Rife with Plagiarism

News by John Jarzemsky January 26, 2012
Amazon's self-published erotica section is rife with plagiarism.
iBook publising restrictions

Apple's New Self-Publishing App Restricts Your Work To iBooks

News by Rob Hart
Apple's new iBooks Author app, which lets writers design and self-publish their books, comes with a major restriction--if you design your book in the app, you can only sell it in iBooks.