10 Female Authors Who Changed My Life

Column by Gabino Iglesias March 16, 2018
Some female authors wrote words that changed my life. Some changed my life by just by being themselves. Here are ten female authors I celebrate regularly.

10 Books to Make You Feel Thankful

Column by Gabino Iglesias
If you're like me, books are tied to many things in your life. As we sit down this holiday season, I offer you ten books that, for a variety of reasons, make me feel thankful.

Finding Beauty in the Darkness

Column by Leah Rhyne December 21, 2016
We face dark times now, yes. It's important to realize: we've been here before, and we survived. I know because writers tell us, finding beauty in darkness, a literary legacy of stars in the night sky

Anne Frank: Editor Extraordinaire

Column by Leah Rhyne June 10, 2016
Anne Frank is known for her writing skills, but at 15 she was one of the sharpest editors of her generation.

11 Authors Who Became Famous After They Died

Column by Daniel Hope April 28, 2014
Sometimes the fame doesn't come until after rigor mortis has set in.
Bid to censor Anne Frank's 'pornographic' diary fails

Michigan School Refuses to Remove Definitive Version of Anne Frank's Diary From Curriculum

News by Dean Fetzer May 16, 2013
A mother’s attempt to get the full version of the historic diary banned from schools over “pornographic” anatomical descriptions has failed.
Diary of Anne Frank Too ‘Pornographic’ for 7th-Graders

Diary of Anne Frank Too ‘Pornographic’ for 7th-Graders

News by Dean Fetzer April 30, 2013
A Michigan parent has filed a formal complaint with the school district on the grounds that passages of the diary of a young Jewish girl during the Holocaust are ‘inappropriate’.
Memoir of Anne Frank's Stepsister

Memoir of Anne Frank's Stepsister Highlights Survivor's Lives Post-Holocaust

News by Dean Fetzer
A new book by Eva Schloss, the girl who grew up with Anne Frank, talks about surviving life after Auschwitz and the "consequences of prejudice".
Diary of Anne Frank Enhanced

Anne Frank's Diary Released as Enhanced eBook

News by Christopher Shultz
Since its original publication in 1947, the famous book has seen many incarnations, but this newest edition brings the story to the digital age.