When Authors Read Their Own Audiobooks

Column by Peter Derk March 10, 2022
Great books can be wrecked by bad narrators, and bad books can be lifted by great ones. Which authors pass the test, and what makes a great author/narrator?

In Honor of Audiobook Appreciation Month: A Celebration

Column by Karis Rogerson June 17, 2021
Writer Karis Rogerson celebrates her newfound love of audiobooks.

Listen Up: 9 Audiobook Hacks

Column by Annie Neugebauer April 17, 2020
Get the most out of your audiobook experience, from saving money to choosing wisely to the habits of when and how you listen.

Places To Read and Listen To Books For Free

Column by Michael David Wilson February 5, 2019
Strapped for cash but need a story fix? Here are some online venues where you can read and listen to books for free.

My 13 Favorite Audiobooks So Far

Column by Annie Neugebauer
My top 13 audiobooks of the 70 I've listened to so far.

When Books and Music Meet: 18 Literary Creations That Rock

Column by Annie Neugebauer August 25, 2017
Music & books: every once in a while, an artist comes along who manages to build a bridge between the two, and when that happens the results can be pretty awesome.

Books at These Speeds: Sped-Up Audiobooks

Column by Peter Derk July 17, 2017
You can play audiobooks at super speed. But should you?
Nik Korpon, audiobooks, Sci-Fi

A Conversation with Nik Korpon on 'Blade Runner,' Audiobook Pronunciation, and His New Novel 'The Rebellion's Last Traitor'

Interview by Rob Hart
In Nik Korpon's latest, memory is a commodity bought, sold, and experienced like a drug. He talks a bit about 'The Rebellion's Last Traitor,' the first in a series at Angry Robot Books.

Why I Listen to Audiobooks and You Should Too

Column by Michael David Wilson February 24, 2017
In this column we explore the wonderful world of audiobooks and hope we can persuade you to, too.

When Authors Read Their Own Audiobooks: 5 Great Performances

Column by Bart Bishop November 16, 2016
A look at some of the best audiobook performances, as read by the authors.

5 Lessons For Your DIY Audiobook

Column by Peter Derk August 31, 2015
You can make your own audiobook. Just take this advice first.
With Sparkup, You Won't Have to Read 'Green Eggs & Ham' Aloud For the Millionth

With Sparkup, You Won't Have to Read 'Green Eggs & Ham' Aloud For the Millionth Time

News by Peter Derk August 28, 2014
Sparkup is a new gadget that lets you record yourself reading a book aloud and then plays your voice back as pages are turned.
Poetry's Big Bang

Poetry's Big Bang: Poetryarchive.org

News by Peter Derk May 27, 2014
Former Poet Laureate Sir Andrew Motion has launched poetryarchive.org, a site that offers audio poetry readings for download.
Humble Audiobook Bundle Launches

Humble Audiobook Bundle Launches

News by Sean May
The popular video game bundle site has launched a huge bundle of audiobooks, and the best part is, you set the price.

TripLit: 8 Audiobooks to Pimp Your Trip

Column by Tiffany Turpin Johnson August 12, 2013
Road trips can get pretty boring, unless you stock up on some great audiobooks to smooth the ride. Check out our suggestions for the perfect audiobook to match your trip.
Hollywood Said No!

Book of Unfilmed Scripts from 'Mr. Show' Creators Coming This Fall

News by Christopher Shultz
The anarchic sketch comedy juggernaut will enjoy a resurgence later this year with a book, an audiobook, and a promotional comedy tour. Rejoice!
'World War Z' Audiobook Attracts Big Name Celebrities

New 'World War Z' Audiobook Attracts Big Name Celebrities

News by Christopher Shultz
From seasoned zombie veterans to 'Star Trek' cast members to freakin' Martin Scorsese, this audiobook sounds like a blast!
Click-clack the Rattle Bag Gaiman

Download Neil Gaiman's New AudioBook For Free and Help Public Schools

News by Christopher Shultz October 31, 2012
Halloween is here, and this spooky tale piles on the treats without any tricks.

Are Audiobooks Preparing to Overtake Ebooks?

Column by Joe Daly May 17, 2012
While lit snobs pontificate the primacy of tree meat or eBooks, the once-peaceful world of audiobooks has devolved into an all-out street brawl between producers, publishers and authors.