Throwing Your Own AWP

Column by Christoph Paul
If you can't make it to AWP this year, here are some things you can do to bring AWP to you.

AWP 2018 Round Up

Column by Christoph Paul April 6, 2018
I Tabled, I Read, and I Tampaed.

AWP 2017: Tiny Fish, Giant Ocean

Column by Leah Rhyne February 15, 2017
Some stories and pictures from the LitReactor table at #AWP2017 (aka the Association of Writers and Writing Programs 2017 Conference).
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LitReactor Does DC—Where You Can Find Us At AWP

News by Rob Hart February 7, 2017
LitReactor will be at AWP! Come be friends with us!
AWP, Booked, Broken River Books, Meetup

Come Party With LitReactor, the Booked. Podcast, and Broken River Books at AWP

News by Rob Hart
AWP is nearly upon us. You know what that means? PARTY TIME. We can promise you guns, drugs, and clowns. Wait, we mean, food, adult beverages, and good conversation.

Where to Find LitReactor at AWP 2016

News by Rob Hart
AWP starts tomorrow. And we're going to be there! This is where we'll be, who will be there... and what we'll be giving away!
AWP, LitReactor, Minneapolis, Site

Come Find Team LitReactor At AWP 2015 In Minneapolis

News by Rob Hart April 7, 2015
Team LitReactor is assembling in Minneapolis, starting tomorrow! Here's the line-up, where we'll be, and a little nudge nudge wink wink about some hot swag...

How To Do AWP 2015

Column by Brandon Tietz April 1, 2015
A guide to this year's AWP, taking place in Minneapolis.
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Everything You Need To Know About LitReactor Being At AWP

News by Rob Hart February 26, 2014
Onsite registration begins today for the Association of Writers and Writers Programs conference in Seattle. Come see us at booth 717!
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We're Partying Hard at AWP with and the Booked. Podcast

News by Rob Hart February 12, 2014
It's party time. We've teamed up with some great, like-minded organizations to throw a party at AWP. You should come.
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We're going to the 2014 AWP Conference & Bookfair in Seattle!

News by Rob Hart January 16, 2014
Want to hang out?

Let's Face It, We All Live In The Same Creative Ghetto

Column by Keith Rawson May 21, 2013
Genre vs. literary. Tuh-mey-toh vs Tuh-mah-toh. Isn't it time writers just knocked off the crap and acknowledged we all live in the same creative ghetto?

Notes from the Drunken Editor: The Poisonous Psychos of the Writing World

Column by Phil Jourdan March 19, 2013
Do you come across as a crazy person when you talk about writing? Here's a short guide to the personality types you don't want to exemplify when you step out of your writing space.

Why I Volunteer for Writing Festivals like Wordstock (and Why You Should, Too)

Column by Taylor Houston September 19, 2012
Volunteering for Wordstock keeps me sane. You should try it!