The First Date Book Walkout Question

Column by Peter Derk July 12, 2021
You're on a first date, someone tells you their favorite book. You walk out. Which book did they name?

7 Great Books to Read for National Nonfiction Day

Column by Emmanuel Nataf
To help you get into the spirit of National Non-Fiction Day, here are 7 of the best — from heartbreaking memoirs to tech industry tell-alls.

David Foster Wallace reviews 'List of the Lost' by Morrissey

Column by Cath Murphy November 24, 2015
David Foster Wallace gets stoned with Ayn Rand and cruelly mocks Morrissey's first attempt at fiction.

The Peak We Leave Behind: Loving Authors Past Their Prime

Column by Daniel Hope May 1, 2014
What do we do when a beloved author is on the decline?
Atlas Shrugged, Ayn Rand

Oh The Irony: "Atlas Shrugged" Producers Ask for $250,000 Handout

News by Christopher Shultz September 25, 2013
Would Anti-altruism author Ayn Rand have been pleased about a Kickstarter campaign to fund the third film in a series based on her terribly long book?

The Blagger's Guide to Ayn Rand

Column by Cath Murphy October 25, 2012
Did Ayn Rand sleep with Alan Greenspan? If you can face that mental image with stoicism, but blanch at the thought of trying to plough through 'Atlas Shrugged,' this Blagger’s Guide is for you.

The Blagger's Guide to Philosophy and Literature

Column by Cath Murphy May 2, 2012
Don't know your Foucault from your fucked up? This short but essential guide to philosophy's influence on fiction is here to help.
Sequel To 'Atlas Shrugged' Back On Track

Sequel To 'Atlas Shrugged' Back On Track

News by Rob Hart February 3, 2012
When 'Atlas Shrugged: Part I' was released in theaters, it was reviled by critics and ignored by audiences. The director cancelled the sequel, but now it appears the movie is back on.

Why Even Ayn Rand Can Teach You Something About Writing

Column by Phil Jourdan December 28, 2011
We trudge through the fiction-writing lectures of the infamous author of 'Atlas Shrugged' to see if there's anything helpful there. It turns out, there is. You just have to disagree with it.
Famous authors respond on subject of symbolism

'The Paris Review' Publishes 1963 Symbolism Surveys From Famous Writers

News by Rob Hart December 7, 2011
'The Paris Review' has published a series of surveys a 16-year-old high school student sent to celebrated authors in 1963, on the subject of symbolism.

Cavalcade Of Literary Jerks: Part 2

Column by Joshua Chaplinsky October 14, 2011
Yes they are all esteemed authors. Yes they've published some important works. And yes, they're all jerks. Join us in celebrating the Top 10 literary jerks of all time.