Breaking Worse? The 'Ozark' Pilot Treads Dark Territory

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In this breakdown of the "Ozark" pilot, Fred Venturini breaks down how the episode sets milestones for the series, sets an aggressive pace, and uses characterization to build tension.

Showrunners: The Authors of TV Land

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You may have heard the term before, but just what exactly does a showrunner do? Simple: the best of them write novels for the screen.

Four Things 'Breaking Bad' Taught Me about Writing

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What the hit TV show can teach us about character, plot and why Walter White was all about love...bitch!

Bad Breakers: 10 Characters That Turned to the Dark Side

Column by Rajan Khanna September 27, 2013
In honor of the ending of 'Breaking Bad,' a list of characters from science fiction and fantasy who started out as good guys but ended up as villains.