When Fiction Sells, Why Write Speculative Poetry?

Column by Stephanie M. Wytovich, MFA
There are a lot of ways that poetry can not only strengthen your writing career and author brand, but also your bank account.

What I Learned at Residency — How to Believe In Myself Again

Column by Karis Rogerson
Karis Rogerson reflects on what she got out of a 10-day grad school residency in Vermont.

How Do You Choose the Best Conventions and Writers Retreats?

Column by Jay Wilburn August 8, 2022
If you are spending the money to attend a convention or writers retreat, you want it to be worth it. Here is a guide from people who have attended the best and worst of them.

Writer's Tilt: What It Is and How to Avoid It

Column by Joshua Isard May 10, 2022
We present to you some common causes of writer's tilt and how to successfully combat it.

March is the Perfect Month to Give up on Your Goals for the Year—But Hold on!

Column by Jay Wilburn March 29, 2022
March is the month most people finally give up on their New Year's resolutions. It might be the perfect month for a restart, though.

Dispatch From the Querying Trenches (Part II): Shelving a Dream

Column by Karis Rogerson February 24, 2022
Karis Rogerson reflects on the past six months in the world of querying.

Top 10 Insane Things No Writer Has Done But Someone Should

Column by Jay Wilburn February 2, 2022
Maybe these ideas are terrible, but so are most author ideas. Maybe these unique suggestions will change your career forever. Whether it is in a positive way or not, we'll have to wait and see.

Storyville: Reasons for Creating a Pseudonym

Column by Richard Thomas
Some advice on whether or not to create a pseudonym.

Writing a Novel vs. Writing an Album

Column by Christoph Paul January 24, 2022
Which is harder to finish? Some thoughts from a person who did both.

What I Do and Don't Think I'll Get Out of My MFA in Writing

Column by Karis Rogerson January 19, 2022
Writer Karis Rogerson is pursuing a long-held dream of getting an MFA. Here, she shares some of what she does and doesn't expect to gain from the program.

Accountability Matters: Revisiting My 2021 Resolutions

Column by Gabino Iglesias January 6, 2022
I made my resolutions for 2021 public. It's time to talk about what I managed to accomplish...and where I failed.

Storyville: Setting Short-Term Goals for Your Writing Career

Column by Richard Thomas December 30, 2021
Some tips and advice for writers on how to set short-term goals.

Storyville: What's the Best Money You've Spent on Your Writing Career?

Column by Richard Thomas November 29, 2021
What is the best way to spend money on your writing career? Here are a few answers from actual writers.

Writing Advice For My Younger Self

Column by Peter Derk November 15, 2021
I've made some writing mistakes. Some regarding diarrhea. Learn from my mistakes, don't repeat them, and don't force yourself to cringe at your old, crappy writing.

The Three Seasons of Stephen King

Column by Jay Wilburn October 18, 2021
Jay Wilburn reread all of Stephen King's books in order, discovering three distinct seasons of the horror maestro's career. Are we in the best phase of his writing yet?

Freelance Copywriting Nearly Killed My Voice as A Writer

Column by Megan J. Kaleita July 27, 2021
What you write matters. Getting paid is not enough.

Give Up on Your Dreams: Writing for Process Over Ambition

Column by Rob Blair Young June 23, 2021
In today's motivational talk, Rob tells you why you should give up on your dreams of being a writer—for the sake of your writing.

The Realities of Becoming a Full-Time Writer

Column by Max Booth III January 22, 2021
Max recently quit his job to write full-time, then he tricked LitReactor into paying him to write about it. [Wait... What?!? —Editor]

Big-Time Author Bucket List

Column by Peter Derk
Everybody needs one. And you need to make it BEFORE you're big time.

Stay Positive, and Write

Column by Cina Pelayo March 13, 2020
As writers, we assume that writing is an enjoyable task. Here are some tips on how to stay happy and be creative.

15 Traps That Could Hurt Your Writing Goals

Column by Jay Wilburn February 24, 2020
It's that time of year when everyone, but especially writers, give up on their annual resolutions. Here are a few traps writers fall into that might inhibit your goals, if you aren't careful.

Dying on the Mountain: How Goals Will Kill You and How to Focus on the Process

Column by Fred Venturini
Discover how goal-setting and positive thinking may be counter-intuitive to reaching the achievement you desire, especially when it comes to achieving publishing success.

Ask Nick: Publishing 201 — Am I Spider Rico?

Column by Nick Mamatas August 2, 2019
Author, editor, and anthologist Nick Mamatas answers YOUR questions about writing and publishing. We're going beyond the basics.

"Indie for life! But wait...": The Agent Conundrum

Column by Gabino Iglesias January 24, 2019
To agent or not to agent, that is the question.