Book vs. Miniseries: "Catch-22"

Column by Max Booth III June 12, 2019
Maybe this should have remained a short story.

How a Close Reading of 'Catch-22' Recreates the College Classroom

Column by Bart Bishop August 17, 2017
A look how at the Twayne's Masterwork Studies Book Series, specifically an entry on "Catch-22", simulates the college classroom experience.

The Best Book You've Never Read: 'Something Happened' by Joseph Heller

Column by Naturi Thomas-Millard January 22, 2014
Like 'Catch-22'? Joseph Heller's 'Something Happened' is his unsung classic — a chilling look into the mind of a suburban madman.

Footnotes: Catch-22's Place in American History

Column by Ryan Peverly August 15, 2013
Despite a lackluster response to its initial publication, "Catch-22" went on to define a country's moral and political outlook.
Joseph Heller, Catch-22

‘Almost Like Christmas’ - Previously Unseen Joseph Heller Story to Appear This Week

News by Dean Fetzer
U.S. magazine The Strand is releasing a previously unpublished story by the author of ‘Catch-22’, described as a ‘sober tale of racism in the American South’ this week.