50 Provocative Questions About Romantic Subplots

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Asking the hard, sweaty, breathless, demanding questions of romantic subplots.

Breaking Worse? The 'Ozark' Pilot Treads Dark Territory

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Reading in the Dark: A Brief History of Books for the Blind

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The challenge of creating readable books for the blind extends much further back in time than the invention of Braille, and continues into the 21st century.

On Research: The World is Full of Experts

Column by Ben H. Winters July 15, 2014
The author of 'The Last Policeman' trilogy extolls the virtues of going out into the real world for your research.

Writing Beyond the Good/Bad Character Dichotomy

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Crafting unique characters is a delicate process. Here’s a few tips to help writers bring life and color to the people in their stories.